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Photographs of Edna Goebel Johnson & Family

Friedrich Goebel and Katherina Kessler Goebel, Edna's parents. Friedrich was born at Glückstal, South Russia, and Katherina was born at Eureka, South Dakota, 1895.

Edna as a child on the Goebel farm in 1923.

Edna stands on top of snow bank after March blizzard in 1943, Lehr, North Dakota.

The 45th Wedding Anniversary of Henry and Edna Goebel Johnson, Horace, North Dakota, 1984.

Edna is taking a break from serving German foods at the Street Fair, downtown Fargo, July, 1989.

Lehr, about 1908; Jenner elevator with Soo line railroad and depot.

Christmas in Lehr, 1935.

Johnson Cafe in Lehr, which Edna managed and cooked for 35 years, 1958.

Henry and Edna in the Johnson Cafe, 1948.

Raising turkeys on Henry and Edna Goebel Johnson farm near Lehr.

The Grenz Grocery Store in Lehr: behind counter is Lydia Koepplin Krause; customer is Mrs. Elmer Olsen; in background are the owners, Eugene and Evelyn Grenz.

Home Oil Shop in Lehr; (l-r): Friedrich Goebel and Christian Bauer, 1939.

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