Ernest Schock Biography Information

Biography Information

Date:                    November 2008

Name:                  Ernest Schock

Address:              Aberdeen, SD

Birth Date:          Sept. 24, 1916

Birth Place:         Harrison Twp near Long Lake, McPherson Co., SD

Occupation(s):     1. Father & Mothers little helper doing misc. farm chores.
                             2. Being a hired man for many other area farmers.
                             3. Served in the US Army.
                             4. Being a grain and cattle farmer
                             5. Retired.

Religion:    Lutheran, Missouri Synod

Schooling:  I went to all grades 1 through 8th grade at Harrison District Two Hill Top School 6 miles North of Long Lake, SD.

Clubs and Organizations (note dates of memberships and offices held):
I was on the school board, township board assessor, many church office elder, head usher.  I am life member of the VFW Post #17 and life member of American Legion Post #277.  Was also ASCS Committee man for many years.

Mother’s Biography Information

Name:        Elizabeth K. Schock

Maiden Name:    Hoffmann

Birth Date:          Dec. 12, 1894

Birth Place:         Long Lake, McPherson Co., SD

Occupation(s):     House wife and husbands farming helper

Date of Death:     May 9, 1989

Place of Death and Burial:    Died in Aberdeen SD, and
buried at Ellendale Cemetery, Ellendale, ND

Her ancestor’s village in Russia (Ukraine) or Bessarabia:
                             Father: Marienberg, SR  and  Mother: Kassel, Odessa, Russia

Her Parents’ names (include maiden name):  Karl K. & Elizabeth Hoffmann nee Lechner

Her siblings’ names (Include maiden names):      Spouse:
1. Elizabeth K. Hoffmann (My Mother) Christian B. Schock
2. Magdaline K. Hoffman Karl K. Schock
3. Carl K. Hoffman Margaret Rath
4. John K. Hoffman Christina Rath
5. Frieda K. Hoffman Henry Ohlhauser ~ Christian C. Voegle
6. Jacob K. Hoffman -   -   -
7. Christ K. Hoffman -   -   -
8. Christian K. Hoffman Ida K. Bender
9. Christine K. Hoffman Christof K. Schock
10. Emil K. Hoffman Elizabeth Rose Fauth
11. Fred K. Hoffman Elsie Hoffman
12. Daniel K. Hoffman Hertha Hoffman
13. Ida K. Hoffman Rudolph Haux

Father’s Biography Information

Name:                  Christian B. Schock

Birth Date:          April 3, 1893

Birth Place:         Long Lake, SD

Occupation(s):     Grain & livestock farmer

Date of Death:     April 17, 1974

Place of Death and Burial:    Ellendale City Cemetery, Ellendale, ND
His ancestor’s village in Russia (Ukraine) or Bessarabia:  Bergdorf – Glueckstal, S. Russia

His parents’ names (include maiden name):      Johan Sr. & Katherina Schock nee Rath
          (John b. May 31, 1856  d. April 17, 1904 --- Katherina b. May 9, 1861  d. April 7, 1921)

His siblings’ names (include maiden names)     Spouse: 
Johan Jr. Schock  (Twin) -   -  -
Katherina Schock  (Twin) Jacob W. Bender
Elizabeth Schock Jacob J. Spitzer
Johanna Schock ?   Bentz & John Braun
Christian B. Schock  (My Dad) Elizabeth K. Hoffmann
Margareta Schock Gustav Scheuffele
Eva Schock Christian C. Hoffmann


Brothers & Sisters’ Biography Information
Names (include birthdates and locations, if known):

1. Edwin A. Schock Mar. 14, 1915 Harrison TWP near Long Lake, SD
2. Ernest Schock Sept. 24, 1916 “        “        “        “        “        “
3. Gideon D. Schock Mar. 13, 1921 “        “        “        “        “        “
4. Oscar E. Schock Sept. 13, 1921 “        “        “        “        “        “
5. Ella Schock May 19, 1925 “        “        “        “        “        “
6. Walter Schock Feb. 4, 1931 “        “        “        “        “        “

Spouse’s Biography Information

Name:                  Olivia Schock  nee Sandmeier

Maiden Name:    Sandmeier

Birth Date:          Sept. 6, 1921

Birth Place:         Long Lake, McPherson Co., SD

Wedding Date:    Dec. 9, 1945                   Wedding Place:   Long Lake, SD

Children’s Biography Information

Names (include birthdates and locations, if known):

1. Ronald Lee * Schock Nov. 14, 1946 Aberdeen, SD
2. Janice Schock Jan. 25, 1948 At home-rural Forbes, ND
3. Sandra K. Schock Sept. 23, 1953 Aberdeen, SD
4. Karen Schock Mar. 4, 1957 Ellendale, ND

*Ronald Lee Schock was killed March 31, 1982 by a Holstein Bull on
 the farm 5-1/2 miles South of Forbes, N. Dak. at age of 35 years.

Family Histories

Does your family have their history published?  Yes

If so, what is the name of the publication?        “Reflections of Years Gone By”

How can we secure a copy of this publication? I, Ernest Schock, have a copy and our friend in Ashley, ND, Orion A. Rudolph also has a copy in his computer files of this same copy.

Plus he has additional other ancestor Schock history that he is working on.

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