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Here are a few sound clips of oral history interviews. In order to listen to the audio clips you will need Apple Quicktime.

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Theresa Kuntz Bachmeier: (Interviewed December 2, 1999)

Sister Bernadine Bickler: (Interviewed April 10, 1996)

Reuben Dammel: (Interviewed September 20, 2000)

Josef Dillmann: (Interviewed November 8, 1993)

Matilda Schlenker Dockter: (Interviewed September 21, 1994)

Dr. Adam Giesinger: (Interviewed October 28, 1997)

Richard Haring: (Interviewed January 13, 1995)

Sister Rheinhardt Hecker: (Interviewed November 7, 1993)

Andrew Johs: (Interviewed June 11, 1993)

Helen Feist Krumm: (Interviewed September 20, 2000)

Rosa Hochstein Kuntz: (Interviewed December 27, 1993)

Anton "Tony" Metz: (Interviewed November 17, 1998)

Sister Joan Nuss: (Interviewed February 1,1998)

Sister Magdalen Schaan: (Interviewed April 10, 1996)

Eva Gross Schatz: (Interviewed November 8, 1993)

Frieda Gabert Schritter: (Interviewed April 17, 2000)

Monsignor Joseph Senger: (Interviewed August 17, 2001)

Kathryn Ehli Ternes: (Interviewed August 18, 1993)

Paul P. Welder: (Interviewed October 3, 2000)

Fern Renner Welk: (Interviewed May 21, 1994)

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