Photo Panorama of Anton's Homestead Circa 1922 (Circa 1921-1927)

Photograph gift of Mary Ebach, Rugby, North Dakota

Anton Ibach and his second wife Monika Muth of Dickinson, ND, are seated beside a floral bouquet set up on a white lace-doily, which covers a Victorian table. Anton and Veronica are surrounded by three sons Paul, Ben, and Joseph and two daughters Mary and Elizabeth. Son Michael Ibach is astride a white horse, while son John Ibach stands before a brown horse. (The itinerant photographer is unidentified).

Anton Ibach's parents were Francis Xavier Ibach and Elizabeth Kraft Ibach. Anton had two brothers, Michael and John. Anton Ibach immigrated as an ethnic German from his ancestral village of Baden, Kutschurgan district, in South Russia (born 4 November 1875) to homestead in Emmons County, near Rosenthal (died 3 May 1958). Anton's first wife Margaret was buried in the Rosenthal Cemetery.

This farmstead is located two and one-half miles from the former Rosenthal Catholic Church cemetery: Fourteen miles southeast of Linton or eight miles northeast of Strasburg, North Dakota. Anton built his wooden clapboard, balloon-framed house with a victorian-styled spindled-porch (in traditional Prussian blue trim) circa 1890's no longer standing. Their "summer kitchen" stands (on photo right). This farmstead is presently owned and farmed one-century later (2004) by Willie Ibach.

This panoramic photo was donated to GRHC on 12 December 2003 by Mary Ebach, Rugby, North Dakota.

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection
North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo
29 January 2004

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