Baier Family Photographs

Arzis, Bessarabian

Photographs and information provided by Birgit Krant, Grossziethen, Germany, April, 2008

Martin Baier ans his wife, Christine Labrenz, and one of their daughters, Emma are from North Dakota. Upon their arrival in 1902 at Halifax, Nova Scotia, they had three children, Michael (born 1892), Emma (born 1886), and Jakob (born 1901).

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Picture 1

Hermann and Baier (möglich)

Picture 2

Alma Jaßmann

Picture 3

Arzis 1915

Picture 4

Ariz 1915 Ottilie Baier mit Emma and Martha

Picture 5

Arzis Bessarabien Schulklasse

Picture 6

Balmer, Wilhelm

Picture 7

Balmer, Wilhelm

Picture 8

Balmer, Wilhelm and Emma (Baier) and Gerlinde

Picture 9

Emma Baier

Picture 10

Emma Baier

Picture 11

Emma Baier

Picture 12

Emma Baier

Picture 13

Emma Baier rechts

Picture 14

Emma Baier vorne

Picture 15

Emma Baier

Picture 16

Familie Balmer in Westpreussen

Picture 17

Familie Daniel Baier

Picture 18

Familie Schuh (Baier)

Picture 19

Hugo and Emilie Balmer

Picture 20

Martha (Baier) Schuh mit Hugo

Picture 21

Martha Baier

Picture 22

Martin Baier in America


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