Baumgartner Photo Albums

Strasburg and Linton, North Dakota

Photographs from the Philippine Baumgartner Berglund and Agnes Baumgartner Wudtke Collection.

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The Johannes Baumgartner Story and Genealogy:
Bicentennial Edition: 1774 - 1974.


Images 151-175
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Image 151.

(Front Row) Michael Jr., Michael Sr., Agnes, Philippine, Tillie, Odelia and Eva;

(Back Row) Frank, Margaret, Barbara, John and Mary.

Image 152.

Philippine Baumgartner and Mary Wagner, 1928.

Image 153.

Agnes Baumgarter (second from left) and roommates near Foster House, Valley City State Teachers College, Valley City, ND, 1936.

Image 154.

St. Benedict High Schoo1, Strasburg, ND, basketball team: (left to right): Maurice Van Soest, James Henn, Math Wagner, Max Mastel, Raymond Henn and Leo Klein, late 1920s.

Image 155.

Dinner at Huber's basement celebrating Odelia Wolf Baumgartner's namesday, late 1940s, Linton, ND.

Image 156.

Margaret (Baumgartner) Klein,
Mike Baumgartner, Barbara (Baumgartner) Wikenheiser

Image 157.

Mary Wagner and Philippine Baumgartner

Image 158.

50th Wedding Anniversary invitation for Michael Baumgartner and Odelia Wolf Baumgartner, April 29, 1948.

Printed by Rose Fischer

Image 159.

Martha (Baumgartner) Schmidt, Johanna (Baumgartner) Mastel, Linton, ND

Image 160.

John J. Baumgartner, Jr. Stucky, Strasburg, ND.

Image 161.

Philippine Berglund, Linton, ND, 1935.

Image 162.

Odelia Wolf Baumgartner, Strasburg, ND.

Image 163.

Philippine and Agnes Baumgartner.

Image 164.

Philippine Baumgartner.

Image 165.

Mary and Philippine Baumgartner

Image 166.

Philippine (Baumgartner) Berglund, Agnes (Stanton) Gassman, Valley City

Image 167.

Philippine Baumgartner, 8th Grade Certificate, Emmons County, ND, June 5, 1925.

Image 168.

Anton Baumgertner Jr. 1st Wedding

Image 169.

Michael and Odelia Wolf Baumgartner Family: Front row: Agnes, Frank, Philippine; Second row: Anton & Eva Wickenheiser, Michael, Odelia, Herman & Regina; Third row: Tillie & Bob Carls, Rose and John, Mary & Peter Miller, Barbara & Wendelin Wickenheiser, Margaret & Eugene Klein.

Image 170.

Philippine Baumgartner

Image 171.

8th grade graduation, Emmon County Courthouse, Linton, ND, 1947.

Image 172.

Anton Wikenheiser and Eva Baumgartner Wedding, November 11, 1912, Strasburg, ND

Image 173.

Strasburg High School
Classes of 1927 - 1937
Photo taken in July, 1965

(Front row): Kathryn Kraft Engelhardt, Irene Lynch Reis, Barbara Scherr, Cecilia Meier Hanada, Philipping Baumgartner Berglund;
(Second row): John J. Baumgartner, Jr., Clarence Rodenburg, Ignatius Wolf, James Borr, Eugene Kraft, Kathryn Kraft Mastel;
(Third row): Loretta Fischer Reede, Helen Baumgartner Johnson, Agnes Baumgartner Wudtke, Anna Kuss Volk, Helen Feist Bickler;
( Fourth row): Leo Mastel, Arthur Baumgartner, Rev. John Nieuwsma, Ludwig Dillman, Ludwig Erck.

Image 174.

Agnes Baumgartner, 8th Grade Certificate, Emmons County, ND, May 27, 1928.

Image 175.

Odelia Wolf and Michael Baumgartner.

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