Brickner Family

Strasburg, North Dakota

Photographs were owned by Louis Brickner, grandfather of Chris Barondeau, Bismarck, ND, who provided these images.

Melchoir Brickner (I am fairly certain this photo was taken not long before he died - sometime in the mid 1930s. He was the village constable in Strasburg at this time)
Symphrosa Brickner (mid 1950s) Christmas
Melchoir and Symphrosa Brickner on the boat. Not certain who the young woman is in the back of the boat. Also not certain where this photo was taken.
1943 Tornado Strasburg ND damage by Brickner home
Another scan of the same photo of the tornado damage in Aug. 1943 (aug 1943 was the developing date on the photo so not certain of the exact date)
Louis Brickner (wearing Navy uniform) but we don't know who the boy with the football is. However, on the back of the photo it was written that the photo was taken on Nov. 15, 1942. We believe this photo was probably taken along side of the Brickner home in Strasburg, ND.
Wendelin Volk. He and my grandfather served on board the U.S.S. Birmingham CL 62 during WWII. No date is mentioned, but my grandfather wrote on the back of this photo postcard, "My buddy Windy"
Louis Brickner. Date is unknown. We believe this photo was taken in the early 1940s in front of the Brickner home in Strasburg, ND.
Louis Brickner. Exact date is unknown, but this photo likely would be from the early 1940s taken in front of the Brickner home in Strasburg, ND.
This photo was on a postcard. Melchoir Brickner is in the back row (wearing glasses and the tie) behind the priest. Symphrosa Brickner is in the second row, second person from the left wearing the black dress. No date is given on the photo nor are any names.
Melchoir Brickner is in the far back row, 1st person from the right wearing the glasses. Symprosa Brickner is in the middle row in front of Melchoir. She is the woman not wearing the glasses.
Far left is Melchoir and Rose Brickner. That is what is written on the back of the photo.

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