Brickner, Melchoir & Symphrosa Family

Strasburg, North Dakota

Photographs courtesy of Chris Barondeau, Bismarck, ND

Front:  Smoking cigarette is Melchoir
     Back:  (L to R): A.J. Baumgartner, Symphrosa Brickner, Julia Martel, Mrs. A. J. Baumgartner and Mrs. Mike Baumgartner.

Melchoir & Symphrosa Brickner. Not certain who the young woman is in back of the boat.

Brickner home – Strasburg, ND. Tornado blew the roof off of the school. 1943 is written on back of photo. At this time, Melchoir Brickner was dead for some time.

Brickner home – Aug. 30, 1943 is the processing date. Symphrosa was living in this house at that time in Strasburg, ND.
Synohrosa Brickner – June, 1956.
Symphrosa Brickner & her dog, Blacky – June 1959 (at this time she was living in California, but she was buried at Strasburg)
Obituary Cards of Melchior & Symphrosa Brickner.
Symphrosa Brickner. Date is unknown. Photo was probably taken at her home in Strasburg, ND. She was known for planting a large garden.
Melchoir and Symphrosa Brickner family photo that was taken in 1920 before my grandfather Louis Brickner was born. Left to right: Harry, Melchoir, Tony, Monica, Eli, Symphrosa, and Martha (sitting on Symphrosa's lap).
Teckla Haag funeral card in German. She was Symphrosa Brickner's mother. Teckla and her husband Anton Haag are buried at the St. Peter and Paul cemetery in Strasburg, ND. Teckla and Anton Haag arrived at Ellis Island on March 31, 1894 and settled in the Strasburg, ND area. Teckla Haag died on June 3, 1931.
Teckla Haag. Date of photo is unknown. She and her husband Anton Haag homesteaded 7 miles northeast of Strasburg, ND.
Teckla Haag. Date of photo is unknown.

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