Schneider, Christina Gottlieb Family Photographs

Scanned photographs courtesy of Kalinda Rooney

Christian Gottlieb Schneider came from Rosendberg,Russia with his Mother (Christina Hertz-Schneider-Farther or Fetzer), Step Father (Jacob Farther) and numerous Schneider & Farther siblings to North Dakota around 1900. He married Christian Axt, whose family also immigrated to North Dakota from Volga, Russia in 1889. They had three daughters Ottelia Dorthy, Pearl Martha and Rachel Christina, all born in North Dakota before moving to California in the 1920s where their fourth daughter Ruth Ann was born. They settled in the area of McClusky and the counties of Sheridan, Kidder and McLean, North Dakota.

Freidrich Schneider & wife Christina Schneider & their children (Christian's brother)
Rachel & Martha Schneider (2 of Christians 4 daughters, of which 3 were born in N.D.)
Alma, Alvin, Albert Schneider ( William Schneider's Children, also Christians Brother)
Pearl Martha Schneider 15 years old (Christian's oldest daughter)
Rachel Christina Schneider 13 years old (Christian's 3rd daughter)
Alma, Ruth, Kattie, Solomon Kruger (Schneider's Neighbors)
Christina Schneider and Mother Christina Father.
Freidrich Schneider (Christian's brother) , MClusky, North Dakota.
Ida & Kattie Schneider Gottlieb's Schneider's Daughters & Christian's Nieces)
Kattie, Alma, Ruth, Solomon Kruger 1918 McClusky, North Dakota.

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