Eisenzimmer, Joseph and Katherine Family Photographs

Balta, North Dakota

Photographs courtesy of Margie Eisenzimmer

Son of Peter Eisenzimmer (1854 to 1912) Balta ND
Marie Keller Eisenzimmer (4-27-1857 to 3-14-1941) Balta ND

Joseph Eisenzimmer Sr. Brothers:

  • Peter Eisenzimmer Jr. (12-31-1879 to 4-16-1943)
    Married: Philomena 1907?
  • Nicholas (3-5-1877 to 1948)
  • Rochus Eisenzimmer (8-4-1904 to 4-1-1980) Married 1908? Mn.
    Married: Agnes Schaan (Born: 10-15-1893)

Joseph Eisenzimmer Sr. Sisters:

  • Marion Eisenzimmer Senger Emmons County Hague ND.
    Married: 10-29-1894
  • Maria Eva Scherr Eisenzimmer (4-12-1892 to 3-15-1946)
    Married: Anton Scherr 1900? Balta, ND

About 1907, Joseph Eisenzimmer Sr. Married Katherine Hoffart from Zeeland ND (1907?), daughter of Joseph Hoffart and Caroline Vetch Hoffart (Katherine was Born: 9-4-1888 Passed: 8-5-1965) Her Brothers were: John Hoffart and Mike Hoffart. Her sisters were Caroline Hoffart who married Anton Klein and Elizabeth Hoffart who married Doyle Lesslie.

Photo 1

John and Mary Eva (Eisenzimmer) Bichler Annamoose, ND.

Photo 2

Pictured Left to Right:
Back Row: Rita Eback, Beverly Hager, Charlotte Axtmann, Margie Eisenzimmer, Leon Axtmann, _____

Middle Row: Marion Schneider, Doreen Klein, Charlotte Schann, Nicolette Axtmann, _____, Steven Schaan, Rodney Muffenbier, Kevin Bichler

Front Row: Jeannie Schaan, Joyce Schaan, _____, _____.

Photo 3

Joseph Eisenzimmer Sr. B: 7-24-1886 Married 1906? Passed 2-27-1960 Balta, ND.

Photo 4

Two children: Delano Eisenzimmer, Albert Voeller, Adults: middle center to right: Katherine Hoffart Eisenzimmer (with the long coat on), Tallest guy in the back is John Eisenzimmer, son of Joseph and Katherine Eisenzimmer, Agatha Eisenzimmer, spouse of John Eisenzimmer , Katherine Eisenzimmer Slabik, daughter of Joseph and Catherine Eisenzimmer, Bennie Eisenzimmer, son of Joseph and Katherine Eisenzimmer, Elizabeth (Betty) Eisenzimmer Fettig, Doris Eisenzimmer Schneider, daughters of Joseph and Katherine Eisenzimmer.

Photo 5

Taken at Balta ND: Mrs. Anton Senger on the couch (sister to Joseph Eisenzimmer) , Katherine Eisenzimmer, Joseph Eisenzimmer (50th Anniversary) Little girl: Judy Fettig Backround: John Eisenzimmer, Mrs. Anton Kramer Balta ND.

(Not showing: On the wall to the right was Fr. Bonaface Stuetz picture)

Photo 6

Pictured: Right to Left: John Eisenzimmer (7-21-1908 to 6-29-1995 Piqua Ohio)
Joseph Eisenzimmer Jr. (1909 - 1981 Arthur ND), Michael Eisenzimmer (3-12-1916 to 9-13-1967 Nevada), Bennie Eisenzimmer in the Britches and Boots, Lived his entire life in Balta ND area
(5-21-1925 to 5-20-2004)

Submitted by Margie Eisenzimmer, daughter of Bennie Eisenzimmer

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