Eberle, Elizabeth Fischer Photograph Collection

Strasburg, North Dakota

Photographs provided to Germans from Russia Heritage Collection by Jolenta Fischer Masterson

Images 1-24

Image 1

1927 to 1977 - 50th Wedding Anniversary Rosemary and Wendelin Fischer

Image 2

1930 Rosemary Fischer and daughter Jolenta

Image 3

1947 Wendelin Fischer family

Image 4

1949 M J Fischer and Katherine Eberle Fischer 50th Wedding Annniversary

Image 5

Seated: Jolenta Fischer Masterson, Wendelin Fischer, Rosemary Fischer, Eugene Masterson
Standing: Henry Fischer, his wife Kathleen, Jim Worline, Sr. Judith, Elaine Worline, Jack Fischer, his wife Nancy, Al Fischer, Fr. Jonathan Fischer

Image 6

My Dad, Wendelin M Fischer and his cousin Math Eberle. Picture taken 2 weeks before he died.

Image 7

Rosemary and Wendelin Fischer, 65th Wedding Anniversary

Image 8

4 generation, back Aloysia Fischer Bauman, her father M J Fischer, her grandfather, Jacob Fischer and her great grandmother Margaretha Kraft Fischer also Jacob Fischer

Image 9

M J Fischer family, at time 8th grade graduation of Mary and Wendelin
Back: Wendelin, Jacob, Rose, Aloysia Mary Front: Eddie, M J Fischer, John, Katherine [mother] and Cecilia

Image 10

Adam Fischer and his wife Margaret. He is son of F Karl Fischer

Image 11


Image 12

Young wife of Stephen Fischer, the banker. Her name was Cecelia Koenig. She is the grandmother of John J Jaeger Jr.

Image 13

Claude and Leo Fischer, sons of Stephen Fischer and Cecelia Koenig. Grandsons of F. Karl Fischer

Image 14

Mathias Eberle and Katherine Hulm Eberle. He died 1 November 1896. The story is that he took a load of buffalo bones to Eureka to sell and froze his feet on the way back. Complications of that, probably gangrene, caused his death

Image 15

F Karl Fischer

Image 16

Franz Karl and Margaretha Fischer. Looks like an early picture so it was probably taken in Russia

Image 17

George and Elizabeth [Eberle] Wildeman. Another daughter of Mathias Eberle and Katherine Hulm. She was sister to Katherine Eberle Fischer.

Image 18

Wendelin, Mary and Rose Fischer born 1904, 1906, and 1902

Image 19

Aloysia Jacob and Rose born 1899, 1900, 1902

Image 20

Jacob Fischer, his grandson Wendelin Fischer and Helen Ripplinger Fischer

Image 21

Family of M J Fischer
Back : John, Aloysia, Fr, Wilfred (Jacob), Mary, Eddie, Wendelin and Ed
Front: Cecelia, M J Fischer , Katherine and Rose.

Image 22

Joseph Eberle family, son of Mathias Eberle and Katherine Hulm

Image 23

John and Cecelia Fischer, first Holy Communion

Image 24

John Schneider, John Eberle and Peter Mastel. They married M J Fischer's sisters, Barbara, Margaret and Adelheid respectively

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