Walter Emil Flato Family Photographs

Photographs donated by Lilli (Flato) Henricksen

Finding Aid to the Walter Emil Flato Collection

1907 Walter Flato’s parents and family, Daniel and Wilhelmine Flato. Back row (L to R): Wilhelm, Otto, Gottlieb, Ida. Front row (L to R): Elizabeth, Hulda, Lydia, Daniel (Baby).
1938-1940 Walter Flato (on left), Rumanian Army and Army buddy.
Werneck, Poland 1940. Walter Flato in the middle with two Army buddies (Rumanian Army).
Irma and Walter Flato, February 26, 1941.
1942 Walter Flato and one of his horses.
October 31, 1942, Irma and Walter Flato. Walter was drafted.
1943-1945 German Army. (L to R): Walter Flato, Army friend Edward Stutz and another friend. (Stutz moved to Lodi too and Walter and his family became close friends after the war.)
Walter Flato, February 1944.
1944 Meran, Austria. Military hospital; Walter Flato spent time here for seven weeks. (*mark where his room was.)
1950 Rendsburg, Germany. Walter Flato family: Willi, Egon, Irma, Erich, Walter and Lilli.
With this ship Flato family sailed on April 27, 1952 at 3 am. May 11 arrived in New Orleans (Sunday) at 9 am. Then to train station at 1 pm. Departed train station at 9 pm. May 14 (Wednesday) at 6 pm arrived in Lodi, CA. (Almost everyone got sick on the ship.)
Arrived on a dairy to work in 1952. Wilhelmine Flato (Walter’s mom), Wilfred, Walter, Walter’s sister Hulda Yeske who was visiting from Canada, Irma Flato and son Egon Flato.
1955 Walter Flato (on right 1916-2008) family. (L to R): Erich (1942-1960), Irma (1920-1988), Willi (1943-1960), Egon, Lilli, Wilfred (standing on car).
Rendsburg, Germany. Walter Flato family. Lilli, Willi, Erich, Egon, Walter and Irma (holding baby Wilfred-born May 29, 1951).
1952 Walter and Irma Flato and family. Egon, Lilli, and Willi; Walter (holding Wilfred) and Irma. On a dairy-1st job in U.S.
Walter Flato’s mother.
1955 Walter Flato with his new olds.
Willi Flato 1943-1960, Walter Flato’s 2nd oldest son
February 1960. Walter Flato family. (Erich 1942-oldest, took photo). (L to R): Lilli (1946), Linda (1956), Walter (1916), Rose (1959), Wilfred (1951), Irma (1920), Egon (1948), Willi (1943).
February 11, 1960. Walter Flato family having dinner. (L to R): Willi, Lilli, Egon, Wilfred, Linda, Irma, Rose, Walter. (Erich took photo for his photo class at school.)

Erich Ewald Flato 1942-1960. Walter Flato’s first born.

Walter Flato’s mother Wilhelmine (Flato) Isaak 1963. Born in 1875 and died in 1964 at the age of 89.
June 1970 fishing trip. Walter Flato, Emilie Leischner (Irma’s mom visiting from Germany), Irma Flato.
October 19, 1984 Walter Flato (the youngest of 13 children) and his youngest sister Wilhelmine Bantel visiting from Germany.
Taken in May 1989. Neighbor’s house of Walter Flato in Kulm, Bessarabia, Rumania.
1990, Brothers Daniel and Walter Flato.
1990, Flato siblings. Lydia, Wilhelmine, Daniel, Walter.

Walter Flato in earlier years in Rendsburg, Germany.

Thanksgiving 2002 Walter Flato family. Front: Amanda Knowles, Adonijah Knowles, Lilia, Ysabel Herrera. Second row: Wilfred Flato, Rian, Davina and Kaylee Fairchild, Walter Flato, Junior Herrera, Heather and Don Knowles. Third row: Egon and Sharon Flato, Kiah Fairchild, Lilli and Kenny Henricksen, Rose Flato, Linda and Doug Knowles. Eric Flato had to work.
1) Lilli and Kenny Henricksen-zero children. 2) Egon and Sharon Flato-two children, Eric Flato-single, Davina and Rian Fairchild-2 girls Kaylee and Kiah. 3) Wilfred Flato-single. 4) Linda and Doug Knowles-2 children Don and Heather Knowles. 4 Children-3 step children, Lilia Herrera, Junior Herrera, Ysabel Herrera, Adonijah Knowles. 5) Rose Flato-single and divorced-zero kids.
Walter Flato in earlier years.
Walter Flato at family reunion July 2007.
Christmas 2008. Flato kids of Walter: Linda, Rose, Egon, Wilfred, Lilli.
Summer 1995. (L to R): Walter Flato (and his garden to the right of photo), daughters Linda Knowles and Lilli Henricksen. Front: Linda’s daughter, Amanda.

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