Frames from the Past

Hazen Star, Hazen, North Dakota, February 28, 1987, page 9D

These photos come from Mrs. Mary Zabel, Hazen, who took them in 1918 at an auction sale held after Mrs. Emma Drath’s husband died in that year’s flu epidemic. Zabel recently visited with Drath, now 92 but still living in her own house in Hazen. The two reminisced about the day of the sale and Zabel mentioned the photos.



Mrs. Will Ganskie, Mrs. Fred Adolf, Mrs. Jacob Schwalbe, Mrs. Fred Rohn, Mrs. Jacob Drath, Mrs. Emma Drath and Mrs. Jacob Reinhardt served free sandwiches at the auction.
Look closely at this buggy and you’ll see Mrs. Emma Drath. The horses were her favorite team.

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