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Gackle and Sandau Family Photographs

Kulm, North Dakota

Photographs courtesy of Rachel Gackle Pribbeno, Aurora, Colorado

Fred F. and Magdalena (Sandau) Gackle (wedding picture) taken 1912 in Kulm, North Dakota.
Fredrick and Anna Maria (Dittus) Gackle taken 1912 in Jud, North Dakota.
Gottlieb and Fredricka (Ilgner) Sandau family taken in 1911 in Kulm, North Dakota.
Back row - Rudolph, Theodore, Magdalena, Reinhold, Katherine, Marie, and Fredricka
Front row - Christian, Gottlieb with Albert, Ida, Irvyn (in high chair), Fredrika and Bertha.

Our appreciation is extended to Rachel Gackle Pribbeno, Aurora, Colorado for donation of copies of the photographs.

Rachel Gackle Pribbeno is the author of the family history, Two Hundred and Fifty Years of Gackle Family Trails, 335 pages, 1989, hardcover. This book is available for purchase at $55 plus $4 postage or $59 payable to NDSU Libraries and mailed to: Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, Gackle Family Trails Book, NDSU Libraries, PO Box 5599, Fargo, ND 58105-5599 USA.

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