Ferdinand C. and Caroline M. (Frison) Keller

Glencross, South Dakota, 1928 Village Blacksmith

1905-2005 Centennial Celebration

An important aspect of the spiritual life of the German-Russians is their belief that there is a life after death.

The word “Friedhof” in German was a term that they used when referring to the cemetery. To them, the word carried a special feeling of endearment. They felt it was not simply a place to bury or be buried - - - it was a place to be at rest with God. Iron Spirits Nicholas Curchin

Robert (Bobby) L. Tedy designed, engineered and fabricated this iron cross as a gift to his wife, Marcia A. Tedy, for her fifty-seventh birthday.

This beautiful hand crafted iron cross will be blessed and placed at Ferdinand, and his wife, Caroline M. (Frison)’s grave, in Glencross, SD, during their family reunion celebration marking the Keller/Frison Centennial which will be held this July 15-16, 2005 in Mobridge, SD. Event arrangements are being handled by descendants of the late Louis J. Keller family of Mobridge, SD.

The Iron Spirit is designed of curved scrolls depicting hearts and diamonds. The hearts symbolize their undying love for God and family. The diamonds represent the ever shining light into which they have entered --- a place of eternal rest with God.

The cross measures 5’ (feet) 10” (inches) high and is 4’ (feet) wide. Bobby used over 70’ (feet) of strap iron and devoted a sum of thirty-two hours into its making. It weighs sixty-five pounds.

Stainless steel plate marking the cross on the grave of Ferdinand C. and Caroline M. (Frison) Keller in Glencross, South Dakota. Came to America in 1905 from Selz, Russia, Kutschurgan District, South Russia
Iron Cross placed on the grave of Ferdinand C. and Caroline M. (Frison) Keller. Came to America from Selz, Russia in 1905-2005
Glencross, South Dakota. Iron Cross placed at the grave of Ferdinand C. and Caroline M. (Frison) Keller in honor of their family centennial celebration. They came to America in 1905-2005 from Selz, Russia.

To join in the effort, Albert Frei and Sons, the great grandchildren of Ferdinand C. and Caroline M. Keller, donated the materials and ship facilities to help make this Keller cross a reality. Taking care of business, George H. Keller, a grandson and resident of Mobridge, SD, drove his truck to Denver, CO and then transported the cross back to Mobridge on his return trip home.

All in all, it is our way of saying “thank you” for a legacy of love tendered with precious memories, food, fun and most of all for the example our ancestors showed each of us in their daily living. We honor them! We are truly blessed to be a part of their prosperity.

By Marcia A. (Wellner) Tedy

Photographs by Marcia (Wellner) Tedy, Brighton, Colorado, granddaughter

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