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George and Anna Mary Herle Family

Photographs courtesy of Pamela Chaput

Behind my grandfather is Cathrine born March 23, 1901 and died June 15, 1925.

On my grandfather’s knee is Martin born May 10, 1910 and died May 1, 1956.

Behind my grandmother is Alick born March 14, 1903 and died March 13, 1953.

Elizabeth is between my grandparents born January 30, 1905 and died September 20, 1947.

Josephine is in the front born April 5, 1908 and died September 10, 1998.

George Herle, born June 24, 1873 and died May 10, 1939 and his wife, Anna Mary, born January 11, 1880 and died October 23, 1961.
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