Kraft and Wald Family Photographs

Prepared by Stephen P. Kraft, Portland, Oregon, July, 2006

For further information, review the Kraft - Wald Family History, revised July, 2006: A History and Genealogy Record of the Ancestors of the Children of Anton S. Kraft, Sr. and Barbara Wald; Namely Alice, Lawrence, Anton, Jr;, Agnes, Frances, Eva, Gladys, Augustine (Gus), Emil (Elmer), Paul, Sr., and Stephen. Copy of family history available at the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo.

Our appreciation is extended to Stephen P. Kraft for permission to use these images.

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Image 1.

Jacob Kraft Family

Back Row (L-R): Ida (Kraft) Heisler, Maryanna (Kraft) Senger, Andrew Kraft, Agnes (Kraft) Wald-Deibert (Grandma Kraft's Mother), Katherine (Kraft) Selzler.
Seated (L-R): Joe Kraft, Jacob Kraft (Father), Julianna (Schweitzer) Kraft (Mother)

Image 2.

Julianna Schweitzer (1840 - 1929), Child not identified, and Jacob Kraft (1840 - 1929) parents of Agnes Kraft-Wald-Deibert who was the mother of Barbara Kraft and Grandmother of Alice, Lawrence, Eva, etc. Kraft.

Image 3.

Grandma Kraft's Grandparents

Seated: Jacob and Julia Kraft, parents of Andrew Kraft.
Standing: L. Adelaide, R. Marianne, daughters of Jacob and Julia.

Image 4.

Agnes Kraft (1868 - 1953) Grandma Kraft's mother.

Image 5.

Agnes Kraft-Wald-Deibert (1868 - 1953) and Michael Deibert, second husband (1857 - ?)

Image 6.

Agnes Kraft-Wald-Diebert (1868 - 1953) photo circa 1947 taken in Allan Sask.?

Image 7.

Crops on the farm in Allan, Saskatoon, Canada. Person shown not identified

Image 8.

Store in Allan, Saskatchewan owned by Wendelyn Deibert (Mary Wald's Husband) and another Wald relative. Mary Wald was Grandma Kraft's oldest sister and a dear lady we all loved.

Image 9.

Five generations

Front: Julia (Schweitzer) Kraft, Agnes (Kraft)(Wald) Deibert
Back: Mary (Wald) Deibert, Baby Ann Hoffinger, Rose Hoffinger

Image 10.

Joe Gefroe and Anton S. Kraft
Circa 1911

Image 11.

Anastasia, Princess of all of Russia and Theresa Rissling, sister-in-law of Marcus Kraft, Agnes Kraft's brother Theresa was rumored to be the mistress of the Tsar.

Image 12.

Alice (Kraft) Charboneau and Lawrence Kraft. circa 1919

Image 13.

Alice Kraft Charboneau, 2-years

Image 14.

Anton and Barbara Kraft, circa 1917.

Image 15.

Peter Kraft, Sr. and First wife Katerina Wald buried in St. Peter's and Paul's Cemetery, Strasburg, ND.

Image 16.

Francis Fischer and Stephan Kraft, Sr.

Image 17.

Franciska fischer (1874 1964) and Stephan Kraft (1871 - 1938). Photo taken in Strasburg, ND. circa 1936

Image 18.

Alice's Grandparents with five of their twelve children of which Alice's father, Anton, was the oldest.

Back Row: Frances and Mary
Front Row (L-R): Gabriel, Grandpa, Stephen Kraft, Anne, Grandmother, Francis Fischer, and Katherine. circa 1921

Image 19.

Top Row (L-R): Gregory Kraft, Adam Kraft, Peter Kraft Jr., and Joe Volk.
Bottom Row (L-R): Joseph Kraft, Sab Godreau?, Stephan Kraft, and Sebastian Bauman.

Gregory, Adam, Peter, Jr. Joseph and Stephan ase all sons of Peter Kraft, Sr. and Katerina Wald. Joe Volk was married to Barbara Fischer daughter of Kasimir Fischer and Franciska Garman, Peter Kraft Sr. Second wife. Sab Goudreau was the half breed husband of Cecilia Kraft, Peter Sr. Daughter and Sebastian Bauman was the husband of Katherine Kraft, daughter of Peter Kraft Sr.

Image 20.

Anton S. Kraft

circa 1915

Image 21.

Typical sod house notice the thick walls.

Image 22.

Barbara (Wald) Kraft

circa 1910

Image 23.

Anton S. Kraft and Barbara Wald aged to 24 in 1918.

Image 24.

Barbara (Wald) and anton S. Kraft at age 78 years.

Image 25.

Anton S. Kraft communion certificate. Written in German, of course.

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