Kraft Family Photographs

Strasburg, North Dakota

Kraft, Pius J. and Agatha Baumgarter

Photo 1

Grandpa and Grandma Kraft emigrated from Strasburg, Ukraine to the U.S. in 1906. Front Row: (left to right) Michael Kraft, Joseph J. Kraft, Elizabeth Kraft (Mrs. Frank Scherr), Franziska Schweitzer Kraft. Back Row: (left to right) _Joseph Kraft, Pius J. Kraft_ (The two brothers who owned and operated Kraft Brothers’ Store for more than 50 years).

Photo 2

From left to right: Alexander J. Kraft, Pius J. Kraft, Edward J. Kraft (in sailor suit), Isabel Kraft (Mrs. Math C. Fischer), Agatha Baumgartner Kraft, Angela Kraft (Mrs. Irvin Ries). Alexander Kraft is the only one on the photo who is still alive; he lives in Mandan, North Dakota.

Photo 3

Front Row: (left to right) William J. Kraft, Pius J. Kraft, Agatha Baumgartner Kraft, George R. Kraft, Alexander J. Kraft. Back Row: (left to right) Sister Katherine Kraft, OSB (Frances), Isabel Kraft (Mrs. Math C. Fischer), Pius Kraft, Jr. Geraldine Kraft (Mrs. Francis X. Mara); Edward Kraft, Angela Kraft (Mrs. Irvin Ries). Family members on this photo who have died: Mr. and Mrs. Pius J. Kraft, Isabel Kraft, Edward Kraft, Angela Kraft.

Photo 4

Photo of Pius J. Kraft Family home in Strasburg, North Dakota taken in 1962.

Photo 5

This picture which appears in the "Saints Peter and Paul Parish Golden Jubilee" book (1948) of the Strasburg Opera House is a picture of Kraft Brothers Store which was originally the Strasburg Opera House. By opera house, they didn’t mean opera like the Metropolitan Opera but a venue for musical programs and entertainment. The large windows were there when I was a child and during a terrible August 11, 1950 hail storm we held boards up against the glass windows because we were afraid they’d be blown in. Notice, the picture here is of a photo taken in 1914. [Information provided by Sister Katherine Kraft, St. Joseph, Minnesota]


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