Kraft, Peter Sr. Family

Strasburg, North Dakota

Photograph courtesy of Stephen P. Kraft, Portland, Oregon

Top Row l to r: Gregory Kraft, Adam Kraft, Peter Kraft, Jr. and Joe Volk.
Bottom Row l to r: Joseph Kraft, Sam Godreau, Stephan Kraft and Sebastian Bauman.

Gregory, Adam, Peter, Jr., Joseph and Stephan are all sons of Peter Kraft, Sr. and his First wife, Katerina Wald. Joe Volk (onetime Sheriff) was married to Barbara Fischer, daughter of Kasimir Fischer and Franciska Garman who was Peter Kraft's second wife. Sam Godreau was the husband of Cecillia Kraft, Peter and Katerina youngest daughter and Sebastian Bauman was the husband of Katerina Kraft daughter of Peter and Katerina.

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