Jolenta (Fischer) Masterson Photographs, 2002.15

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Photographs donated to the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection by Jolenta (Fischer) Masterson; Sequim, Washington, a native of Strasburg, North Dakota.

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Cecilia Bauman Matuzki

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Helen Baumgartner

Additional Caption: Mrs. Andy Wald, mother of Claranella, who was first wife of Pius Miller.

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Katie Dolwig

Osborn of Dickinson, North Dakota, is photographer.


Victoria Winkel

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Veronica Volk, George Nold, Barbara Baumgartner (Glass), and (Anton’s) Martha Fischer

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Margaret Wildemann (Koenig), and (female, name unknown)

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Magdelina (Fischer) Burgad, and Katie Burgad

Additional Caption: Did not know. JFM

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Roy Beitz and Jake Matteri

Additional Caption: Note resemblance to Joe Materi! My handwriting on the pictures of the Klein boys.

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


John Klein and Eugene Klein

Additional Caption: My handwriting is on this photo of the Klein boys.

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Joe Roehrich, Wendelin Wickenheiser, and Joe Fettig

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Joe Fettig and Joe Roehrich

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Joe Wickenheiser

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Joe Kraft

[photo back has caption of "Pius Kraft".]

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Egidi Keller

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Tony Volk (Raphael’s Doony)

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Joe Fettig

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Roy Hulm (cousin of ‘Ma’ Fischer) 'Ma' was Katherine Eberle Fischer her grandmother was Katherine Hulm Eberle

[Photo back-side is inscribed "First Cousin Royal A. Hulm".]

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Originally identified as:
Lawrence Mastel & Sons – Leo and Max

Additional Caption: Lawrence Mastel’s daughter Martha (Mastel) Wagner married Stanislaus Wagner, her address is below. She was my babysitter when I was one or two. She is on Fr. Wilfred Fischer’s first mass photograph. JFM.

[Identification of this photograph was brought into question on 29 March 2011.]

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Helen Streitel (J’s cousin), and John Klein (1st World War)

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Math. Schneider

Additional Caption: Grew up to be a sheriff. Children of John Schneider and Barbara Fischer, lived in Napoleon. Barbara Fischer was a sister to my Grandfather MJ Fischer, daughter of Jacob, granddaughter of F. Karl. JFM


Windy and Hilda Schneider

Additional Caption: Children of John Schneider and Barbara Fischer, lived in Napoleon. Barbara Fischer was a sister to my Grandfather MJ Fischer, daughter of Jacob, granddaughter of F. Karl. Hilda is on Fr. Wilfred’s ordination photograph. JFM


Martha Wagner, and Mrs. Melchor ("Zimpherosa") Brickner

Additional Caption: Martha Wagner – known as “Getel” Mother of Matt Wagner, and Martha Wagner Schreiner. JFM

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Jake Kraft “Curly”, John Scherr “Bashala”, and Pius Kraft

Additional Caption: Jake Kraft known as “Gruzzle Jack”, Curly Jack.

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Joe Roerich, and Theresa Bauman

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Joseph Bauman

Additional Caption: I recognize only Joe Bauman and Aloysia Fischer – they later married. He had the bowling alley theatre, small bank – farmed and took his turn as mayor and on school board. JFM

[Location: Strasburg, ND]

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