Jolenta (Fischer) Masterson Photographs, 2002.15

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Photographs donated to the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection by Jolenta (Fischer) Masterson; Sequim, Washington, a native of Strasburg, North Dakota.

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Postcard – Paris-Montmartre Basilique du Sacre-Coeur et le nouveau Funiculaire inaugure en 1935. J.H.


Father Adam Hunkler was pastor at Devils Lake in in late 1930's.


Father Adam Hunkler Obituary. Concert artist and composer fo classical five-string banjo/american "harp" with musical recordings.


Schnitzelbank Postcard Mader’s Famous Restaurant Milwaukee, Wisconsin

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Prayer of St. Francis


Back Row (L to R)
Anton Hauer, Tony Volk, (female, name unknown)

Front Row (L to R)

Anna (Luckbroth) Hauer on wedding day – Rosemary’s (Engel Fischer) teacher

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Rev. Fr. Bernard Strassmaier, O.S.B.

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


St. Mary's Catholic Church
New England, North Dakota


St. Mary's Catholic Church
New England, North Dakota


(Male unknown) and John Scherr "Bashala"

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Possibly daughters of Martha Wagner (Refer to photo #72)

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Hull Orchestra of strings and brass, Hull, North Dakota of Hollander Dutch musicians.


(Females unknown), John Scherr with rifle

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Victoria Winkel and Theresa Bauman

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


John Scherr and draft team of horses with wagon at corn crib.

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


In front of house I grew up in – M.J. Fischer house on corner – John Scherr on motorcycle.

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Charcoal portraits of Michael Braun Sr. (1841–circa 1922) and Marianna Kopp (1849-1916). Marianna Kopp Braun made this lovely classic quilt-top design of Log cabin/ “Furrows”, while still living in Krasna Colony in Bessarabia. They homesteaded in Emmons County after 1896 at Krasna/Grasna, North Dakota, at northwest foot of long butte, located northwest of Blessed Trinity Catholic Church and Cemetery. Only three of thirteen children grew to adulthood: Leocadia, Faustinus and Michael Braun Jr. Courtesy of Jolenta Fischer Masterson Collection.


Two photo portraits of John Engel and wife Leocadia Braun Engel, the daughter of quilter Marianna Kopp Braun. Courtesy of Jelenta Fischer Masterson Collection.

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Photo portrait [circa 1900] of John Engel family: John and Leocadia with toddler son Raphael (Father Alban) and infant daughter Cordula (Sister Margaret Mary). Courtesy of Jolenta Fischer Masterson Collection.

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Family portrait in 1924 of John and Leocadia Engel family: (standing row) Pius (Father Landolin), Valerie (sister Radequade), Raphael (Father Alban), Cordula (Sister Margaret Mary), (seated row) Peggy, Angelo, Widow Leocadia, Albert and Rose Mary. Courtesy of Jolenta Fischer Masterson Collection.

[Location: Strasburg, ND]


Photo portrait of former custodian of “Log cabin” quilt is Rose Mary Engel Fischer (1906-1995), granddaughter of Marianna Kopp Braun. Courtesy of Jolenta Fischer Masterson Collection.


Great-granddaughter Jolenta Fischer Masterson standing in her solarium home, displaying her textile treasures from Marianna Kopp Braun’s Krassna Colony in Bessarabia: Log cabin/ “furrows” designed quilt top; a vividly colored-striped woolen “Plachte” shawl; black fringed woolen shawl; and a snippet-length of blue felted/woolen crochet lace, which was fringe lace, intended to beautify a “Plachte” shawl. Courtesy of Jolenta Fischer Masterson Collection.


Expansive photo of Marianna Kopp Braun’s treasure of a quilt top with “log cabin”/ “furrows” designs superimposed as traditionally in vintage American quilting. Courtesy of Jolenta Fischer Masterson Collection.


Jolenta Fischer Masterson’s textile treasures in her home solarium: Quilt with classic “log cabin”/ “furrows” designed pattern-top; Black woolen shawl with long fringed knotting; snippet-length of blue plachte lace of felted-fillet crochet; woolen “plachte” shawl with vivid bunting-colored stripes. Courtesy of Jolenta Fischer Masterson Collection.


Marianna Kopp Braun’s classic quilt (with “log cabin”/ “furrows” superimposed designs) which she “pieced” and quilted as bedcover in Krassna, Bessarabia. Courtesy of Jolenta Fischer Masterson Collection.


Snippet fragment length of blue fillet-crochet lace with cross-stitch design, traditionally used for lace trim of bottom edge of plachte/Blachte woolen shawls. Courtesy of Jolenta Fischer Masterson Collection.

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