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Mettler & Handel Photographs

Photographs courtesy of David Stevens

If you have additional information for identification of these photographs, please contact Michael M. Miller at michael.miller@ndsu.edu.

Images 1-25

Image 1.

Bill and Viola Casalegno

Image 2.

Carolina Trefz b:1886

Image 3.

Carolina Trefz b:1886

Image 4.

Catharina Preszler b:1851

Image 5.

Conrad Finck

Image 6.

Dan and Emma Mettler

Image 7.

Dan Mettler b:1889

Image 8.

Darrel Handel (5 mo.) b:1933

Image 9.

Darrel Handel (5 mo.) b:1933

Image 10.

Darrel Handel b:1933

Image 11.

Dr. Ruben F. Mettler

Image 12.

Emil Handel b:1909

Image 13.

Emil Handel and Lenora Mettler's Wedding

Image 14.

Emma Mettler b:1896

Image 15.

Emma Mettler b:1896

Image 16.

Eva Preszler b:1863

Image 17.

Eva Preszler b:1863

Image 18.

George Mettler b:1858

Image 19.

George Mettler b:1858

Image 20.

George Preszler b:1859

Image 21.

Gottlieb Mettler b:1884

Image 22.

Gottlieb Mettler and Carolina Trefz

Image 23.

Gottlieb Mettler and Rosina Fink

Image 24.

Ida Fink b:1908

Image 25.

Katie Preszler Fink, Conrad Fink, Eva Preszler Mettler, Mrs. Preszler, George Preszler





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