Mettler & Handel Unidentified Photographs

Photographs courtesy of David Stevens

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Comments in red made by David Stevens, April 2006.

These photographs probably came from the estate sale of either Lenora Mettler Handel (b. 1912, d. 2003) or her brother Leonard Mettler (b. 1910, d. 2000).

Images 1-16

Image 1.

Diane Handel - Daughter of Leon and Betty's. Was married to William Mason. They had two children: Jill and Heather Mason.

Image 2.

Jeanie, Kathy, Jane

Daughters of Viola Handel's. They live in Soquel, California.

Image 3.

Jerry Mettler, Son of Leonard Mettler & Lenora Pauline Mettler, born 1938.

Image 4.

Lenore Pauline Handel, age 15, 1930.

Image 5.

Matilda Handel died as a young woman probably about age 14.

Image 6.

Mettler Dinner

This had to have been taken between 1938 and 1944.

Probably George and Eva Mettler's 50th anniversary.

L. to R. in photo:
bottom row: Henry G. Mettler, Eva (Henry's mother), George (Eva's husband), Gottlieb and (their son), Mrs. Birk (Pastor's wife).

Back row L. to R.
Barbara (Henry's Wife), Katie Mettler (widowed from Adam Mettler in early 1930's), Carolina (Carrie) Trefz (Gottlieb Mettler's 2nd wife), Pastor Reinhold  Birk.

Image 7
Image 7a

Image 7.

Mrs. Eve (George) Prezler (Maiden name - Junkert)

 The photograph that this was clipped from has the following on the back:

 Mr & Mrs Conrad Finck     - Katie

"    "   George Mettler   - Eva"

"    "   George Preszler

 Katie, Eva & George were sisters and brother

Mrs. George Preszler's husband is: Georg Preszler (born 23 Sep 1859, Kassel; died 9 Nov 1940, San Joaquin County, California). He is the son of Georg Adam Preszler and Eva Catharina Junkert. His sister Catharina married Conrad Fink (born 25 Jan 1851) and his other sister Eva married Georg Mettler (born 21 Oct 1858 and died 26 Jul 1944 Lodi, San Joaquin County, California).

George Mettler is the fonder of the Mettler Winery in Lodi, CA.

L. to R. bottom row:
Conrad Finck, George Mettler, George Preszler.

Top row; L. to R.
George Mettler's sister, Catherina (married to Conrad Finck), Eva Mettler (sister to George Preszler), Eva Catherina Junkert.

Image 8.

Fred and Rosina Finck (Rosie)

On the back, this photo is marked Rosy Finck and Fead . The "and Fead" was added later. I think Rosy Finck may be Rosina Finck (born 6 Mar 1885 in SD), the daughter of Conrad Fink (born 25 Jan 1851, Cassel) and Cathrina Preszler (born 28 Oct 1851, Cassel).

Rosina Finck Married Gottlieb Mettler, the son of Georg Mettler and Eva Preszler.


Image 9.

Emma Mettler

This is Emma Mettler. She was born 25 Sep 1896 in SD to George Mettler and Eva Preszler. She married Daniel Mettler, the son of Henny Mettler and Elizabeth Neuharth.

Image 10.

Wedding photo of Ida Handel and Herb Heutschel. Ida is a daughter of Emmanuel and Katherina Handel.

Image 11.

Wedding portrait of Ray and Regina (Rex) Mettler.

Image 12.

Wedding photo of Viola Handel and William Casalengo, daughter of Emmanuel and Katherina Handel.

Image 13.

L. to R. Edwin Handel (oldest son of Emanuel and Katherina Handel), Elaine and Irene (daughters of Edwin and Ada (Mettler) Handel), Ada.


Image 14.

Confimation picture.
Don't know the girls.

Top row L. to R.
Harold Schenkenbur, Herb Hieb, Rev. William  Theil (Thiel ?), Pastor, Leon mettler, Emil Mettler

The boy in the center is Emil Arthur Handel. He married Lenora Mettler. Emil's sister Lenore married Leonra's brother Leonard.

Image 15.

Carolyn Mettler, daughter of Calvin Mettler and Margarite Mettler. (?)

Image 16.

Viola Handel, sister to Leon Handel and Ida Handel And Regina (Rex) Handel.


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