Glass, Nikolaus Family

Special thanks to Alice (Glass) Kramer and Isabelle (Glass) Kuhn for providing copies of these photographs. They are daughters of Ben Glass. Our appreciation is extended to Marvin J. Glass, Jr., El Dorado Hills, California, for sharing these photographs.

Picture “Nikolaus Glass Family, Baden” Nikolaus Glass family in the German village of Baden, Kutschurgan District, South Russia (today near Odessa, Ukraine) (circa 1904—five years before emigration to Emmons County, North Dakota). From left, Margaret Glass, Gertrud (Jung) Glass, Michael Glass (on lap), Catherine Glass, Nikolaus Glass, Matt Glass, Ben Glass.

Picture “Nikolaus Gertrude Children” Nikolaus Glass family at Michael Glass wedding (1925), Emmons County, North Dakota, back row: Michael, Matt, Frank, Rose, Barbara, and Margaret; front row: Ben, Nikolaus, Gertrude, and Catherine.

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