Volk Kraft Popular Price Store

Photo 1:

Volk Kraft Popular Price Store, Strasburg, ND

Balzar Wald owned the Strasburg opera house, the building which later became a general merchandise store operated by Ray Volk, Joseph Kraft and C.J. Vanderleest. 1920 Pius Kraft bought C.J. Vanderleest’s share making Ray Volk, Pius Kraft and Joseph Kraft the three proprietors of the Volk Kraft Store. In 1935 the two Kraft brothers became sole owners and renamed the store, Kraft Brothers. They added groceries to an expanded “dry goods” inventory. The store served the residents of Strasburg until the early 1970s.

From left to right: Ray Volk, Joseph J. Kraft, Pius J. Kraft

Photo 2:

Account statement dated August 4,1952, in Pius J. Kraft’s handwriting showing tuition payments to St. John’s University for his son, George Kraft, attending St. John’s Prep School, Collegeville, MN, car insurance payments to Joseph Bauman, life insurance fees to Lincoln National Life, two payments to Peter Kraft, local mortician, for expenses for Pius and Agatha Kraft’s son, Jerome Kraft, who died in 1952, and other transactions.

Photo 3:

A sales’ slip dated July 18, 1932, showing a transaction with Mrs. Katy Baumgartner

$1.40 for 25 lbs. of sugar and .45 for a shirt.

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