Fandrich, Frasch, Kruckenberg, Maas, and Rasch Historic Families Photographs

Photographs presented to the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection by Ruth V. Rasch, Mesa, Arizona, August, 1999.

Ferdinand Rasch born on March 5, 1885, in Arzis, Bessarabia; married in 1910 to Bertha Semmler born in 1886 at Arzis. The children were Alma, Adele and Hugo. The photo was taken about 1918. The family moved to Germany from Bessarabia in 1940.
Wilhelm (Bill) Rasch home at Hazen, North Dakota, about 1916. Notice the rain barrel, milk jars and fly chaser on the screen door. At far right is outdoor stairs to attic.
Henry Frasch in Montana raised sugar beets under contract. Besides his family, he hired young men from western North Dakota to work in the beet fields, 1937-1938. L-r: Arthur Frasch (oldest son), Paulina Buchfink Frasch, step-sister of Christ Rasch (father of Roland Rasch), Henry Frasch, Les Voigt, Fred Stern, Harry Frasch, Viola Frasch, Melvin Frasch, Edwin Morast, Gottlieb "Guy" Wiedrich, and Roland Rasch. Photo taken by Otto Rasch.
August Maas was born on November 18, 1855 in Arzis, Bessarabia; died on September 14, 1915, Parkston, South Dakota. Wilhelmina Triebwasser was born on June 18, 1864 in Eigenheim, Bessarabia; died on July 10, 1931, Parkston. They were married on January 12, 1883. Back row, l-r: Hulda, John, Pauline and Emilie; middle, l-r: Anna, Nathaniel, Hedwina and Alma; front, l-r: August Maas, Linda and Wilhelmina (Triebwasser) Maas.
School children in Pioneer District, Halliday, North Dakota. The student fourth from right is Roland Rasch who got his uncle's outgrown knickers about 1921.
Funeral of Daniel Kruckenberg in Russia. Daniel was born on June 28, 1877; died on December 25, 1908 of tuberculosis in Arzis, Bessarabia.
Wilhelmina Kruckenberg Rasch, wife of Ferdinand Rasch, born on January 25, 1845, in Arzis, Bessarabia; died on May 27, 1937.
Rebekka Kruckenberg and Immanuel Fandrich wedding in Arzis, Bessarabia. Rebekka was born on January 7, 1905; died on August 31, 1931.
Ferdinand Rahn, born on February 25, 1877, at Arzis, Bessarabia; died in 1952. He married Magdalena Ziemann, born in 1883; died in 1951. They married on November 27, 1902. They lived near Hazen, North Dakota at Krem. His boutniere with ribbon streamers and her white waist sash with floral veil are typical Bessarabian wedding costume.
Gottlieb Maas Family. Gottlieb born on August 19, 1854 in Arzis, Bessarabia; married Christina Krause at Brienne, Bessarabia.
Friedrich and Lydia (Mayer) Maas wedding in September, 1912 at Parkston, South Dakota. Friedrich born on December 26, 1886, Parkston; Lydia born on February 26, 1894 in North Dakota.
Elsie Rasch born in Alberta, married Edward Muhlbeur born in Crimea. They lived at Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.
Edward and Adelheid Geissler Maas wedding on March 2, 1919. Edward was born on April 9, 1893 at Parkston, South Dakota; Adelheid was born on June 9, 1897 at Carthage, Illinois.
John and Emma (Maas) Mattheis wedding on June 18, 1911 at Parkston, South Dakota. John was born on February 25, 1888 at Scotland, South Dakota. Emma was born on December 2, 1885 at Parkston.
George Buchfink of Teplitz, and Benkendorf, Bessarabia, and his second wife, Paulina Maas of Arzis. His children, her children, and their children: George Buchfink (Teplitz), and second wife, Paulina Maas Rasch (Arzis); his children from first wife: Gustav, Christina, Paulina, Elisa and Katherine; her children from first marriage: Christian, Wilhlem and Wilhelmina. Their children together: George, Jr., Amalia and Frederick (not pictured).
Wedding in Arzis, Bessarabia. Just one person is identified, Michael Rasch, who immigrated to Fredonia, North Dakota.


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