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Pictures from "Ripening Harvest: St. Joseph's Colony 1905 - 1955"

The book, Ripening Harvest: The Story of St. Joseph's Colony: 1905 - 1955, is available at this website page: http:/library.ndsu.edu/grhc/order/general/ripening.html.

Photographs from book:

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Image #1
Mr. And Mrs. Gillen.

Image #2
The tent.

Image #3
The home of Frank Zerr where Father Schweers said the first Mass at Revenue.

Image #4
Help in need.

Image #5
Sacred Heart church, Broadacres.

Image #6
F. J. Lange. "Lay-Founder of the Colony" Holy Thursday, April 7, 1955.

Image #7
Bishop E. Legal O.M.I.

Image #8
The present church.

Image #9

Image #10
First sod church at Handel.

Image #11
Procession in 1906.

Image #12
Sod barn.

Image #13
Rectory and church.

Image #14
The first sod house.

Image #15
The city hall.

Image #16
The first sod church.

Image #17
The clay brick church covered with boards.

Image #18
Rectory and church.

Image #19
Fr. Palm, Fr. Schwebius, Fr. Krist, Fr. Guth, Fr. Schweers.

Image #20
Father Schweers on his parish visits.

Image #21
The loom.

Image #22
The church.

Image #23
Church and rectory.

Image #24
Fr. Schultz and weavers.

Image #25
St. Joseph's Colonoy, it's location in Western Canada.

(26-50 | 51-75 | 76-83)

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