Sauer Family

Photographs courtesy of Horst Gutsche, Barrhead, Alberta

Army Photo of Friedrich Sauer whose parents were: Martin Sauer born 1846 in Kulm and Maria nee Kuhr born 1848 in Alt Elft.  He was the father of Alfred Sauer who resides in Barrhead, Alberta, Canada.

The man with the dark beard is Friedrich Sauer born May 7, 1877 in Kulm, Bessarabia and died 1945 in Poland. He was an officer in World War I and the photo is from 1916 or 1917. Alfred Sauer remembers that the three Russian soldiers with him came to Alt-Elft at least three times to visit his father and to reminisce about their days as soldiers. This was in the 1920s or early 1930s. The came from the Soviet Union and would have to cross the border at Akkerman (now Belgorod Dnestrovskiy, Ukraine) in order to get to Alt Elft to visit the Sauers.

A photo of the family of the family and friends of Johannes Bauer and his wife (Alfred Sauer's grandparents) (relatives who married Bauers?) from 1924 or 1925.  My great-grandfather's brother Christian Gutsche is also on this photo. I knew some Bauers in Calgary who had lived at Hanna, Torrington or Trochu for a while and they were related to the people on this photo.

Other Notes:

The photo is from 1924/25 and was taken just before the immigration of Mr. & Mrs. Johannes Lehmann and family to Torrington, Alberta, Canada.

Top Row:
Elsa Manske nee Sauer, Frieda Bauer (daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Johannes Bauer), Gottlieb Bauer who died in 1945, Berta Bauer, Anna Bauer (Berta and Anna Bauer were sisters and daughters of Daniel Bauer?), Artur Bauer, the son of Johannes Bauer, the next men to the right are unknown.

Third Row:
? Gutsche  ? Gutsche (sons of Christian Gutsche from Alt-Elft, who lived two houses down from the Sauer family), Eva Sauer nee Bauer, Friedrich Sauer born in Mannsburg on May 7, 1877 (father of Alfred Sauer of Barrhead, Alberta, Canada)

Barrhead), Christian Gutsche (son of Christian Gutsche Sr.-  Christian Gutsche Jr. moved to another village further north or northwest in Bessarabia about 1935-36), Christian Gutsche’s wife, the wife of Albert Bauer, the wife of Rudolf Bauer who came from Plotzk.  Frieda ? has a child next to her.

Second Row:
Christian Gutsche (born September 11, 1853 in Alt Elft and married to Maria Kittler of Alt Arzis on February 17, 1878; he was an older brother of Johannes Gutsche, the great-grandfather (of Horst W. Gutsche of Barrhead, Alberta, Canada), then comes the son-in-law of Johann Bauer, his wife who is the daughter of  Johannes Bauer and two of their children, one standing and one sitting on mother’s lap,  Mrs. Johannes Bauer, Mr. Johannes Bauer (he was the  brother of Alfred Sauer’s grandfather) and Therese Bauer nee Mueller from Alt Elft  married to Martin Bauer, son of Johannes Bauer in the middle.  Then comes Johannes Lehmann, who immigrated to Torrington, Alberta, from Alt-Elft (a Phillip Bauer was the brother of the Bauer who immigrated to Torrington, Alberta); above is his wife, the daughter of Johannes Bauer, Rudolf Bauer (son of Johannes Bauer in the middle of the photo) and his wife right above, who came from Plotzk.

Front Row:
Children sitting: Artur Sauer, born December 13, 1918 in Alt Elft and died April 1954 in Canada. He is buried in the cemetery of St. Michael Evangelical Lutheran Church, Mystery Lake, Alberta. He came to Canada in 1951. Then come the two boys in dark clothing.  One is Albert Gutsche and the other is Johannes Gutsche. Then comes Alfred Sauer (of Barrhead, Alberta, Canada) and Helmut Sauer a son of Martin Bauer.

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