Schaefer Family

Lichtental, Bessarabia

Photographs courtesy of Dale Schaefer

World War I photo of Alexander Schaefer taken around 1915.
My Great-Grandparents Jacob and Sophie Schaefer about 1913 on their farm between Delmont and Armour South Dakota. St. Peter's Lutheran Church located about a quarter of a mile west is seen in the background. Left to Right: William, Gottlief, Emil, Jacob, Frederick, Sophie, holding Helen, Marie, John, and my Grandfather Jacob.
The Schaefer farm in South Dakota around 1913-1915.
50th Wedding Anniversary of Johann Jacob and Christina Schaefer taken outside their lichental home in 1924. Adults seated in the 1st row: Alexander Schaefer, Gottlieb Schaefer, Jacob Schaefer, Johann Jacob/Christina Schaefer, Karolina (Schaefer) Schield, Katharina (Bechtle Scahefer, and the wife of Johann Jacob brother Gottlieb (standing in the rear right). Mos of the people in the photo have been identified as either Schaefer or Wildermuth relatives. The second little boy, front row left, is the son of Alexander and still living outside of Stuttgart Germany. In his 90's now, he was still able to identify most of the people and the event when shown the picture a few years ago.
Photo taken outside the Johann Schaefer home in Lichtental, Bessarabia in about 1904. Seated: Christina (Wildermuth) Schaefer, Johann Jacob, daughter-in-law Katherina (Bechtle) Schaefer holding daughter Marie. Standing Katharina Schaefer, Alexander Schaefer, Karolina Schaefer, and son Gottlieb.


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