Schielke, Vi (Kruckenberg) Personal Ancestors Photo Album

Beulah, North Dakota

November 2005

Images 126-145
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Image 126.

Taken about 8 Jan. 1930 for 50th wedding anniversary of Martin & Fredericka (Mehrer) Kandt of rural Kief, ND Sheridan County. Back; Left to Right, Sophie Kandt m. Fred Adam, John Kandt, Annie Kandt m. Samuel Fandrich, Andrew Kandt, Emelia Kandt m.John C. Anderson, Gustav Kandt, Dora Kandt m.Carl Fandrich. Front; Elizabeth m. Adolph Schramm, sister, Mrs. Ernest (Chrisitina Mehrer) Wehr, Mrs. Martin (Fredericka Mehrer) Kandt, Martin Kandt, Helena Kandt m. Jacob Mehrer, Jr. missing were 2 daughters, Karolina m..Thomas Derman & Mary Kandt m. Jacob Edinger.

Image 127.

Taken Spring 1929 at farm Kief, ND Sheridan County. Front, Jacob & Helena (Kandt) Mehrer, Jr.middle, Amanda. Back; Laura, Sophie, Marie, Ruth. Missing is oldest Lydia.

Image 128.

Taken Spring 1929 at farm Kief, ND Sheridan Co. Jacob, Jr, & Helena (Kandt) Mehrer with sons, Walter, Paul, and Benjamin. Missing is oldest son Herman.

Image 129.

Wehr home built in 1900 at Anamoose, ND built by the sons of Ernest Ferdinand Wehr.

Image 130.

Taken 31 Oct. 1937. Parents of double wedding couples Image 36. John & Annetta (Buchmann) Jose, Gottfried & Salome (Sommerfeld) Unrath & Gottlieb Kruckenberg.

Image 131.

Taken 5 June 1927 Jacob, Jr. (1876 1963) & Helena (1880 1957) (Kandt) Mehrer parents of at least 16 children of which 6 were stillborn or died as infants.

Image 132.

Taken 13 April 1930 confirmation class at Golgotha Lutheran Golden Valley, ND with Rev. E. H. Vetter. All unidentified but Clara (Unrath) Kruckenberg 1915 85 who was baptized, confirmed, married & buried from same church. Clara in front of pastor.

Image 133.

Confirmation 1 April 1928 at St, John Lutheran Wuerttemberg, Zap, ND, Mercer County. Back. L R Erwin Kruckenberg 1913-35, Henry Kruckenbergm 1913-90, Ernest Weisser, Rev. G. Koslowske. Front, L R Bertha Weidner, Katherina Kruckenberg 1914-2003, Edna Herrmann, John Weiss.

Image 134.

Confirmation 1960 at St. John Lutheran Arena, ND. 2nd from left is Vernand Hoffmann, 4th is Milten Kruckenberg 1943 91.

Image 135.

Taken about 1924-25 Parochial school at St. John Lutheran Wuerttemberg, Zap, ND 5 children of Gottlieb Kruckenberg on picture, John, Henry, Kate, Amanda & Hil.

Image 136.

Wilbert "Bert" 1924-1977 youngest son of Gottlieb & Louisa (Huber) Kruckenberg.

Image 137.

Edwin "Eddie" 1922-1945 son of Gottlieb & Louisa (Huber) Kruckenberg.

Image 138.

Hilmuth 1918, alive at Great Falls, MT son of Gottlieb & Louisa (Huber) Kruckenberg.


Image 139.

Taken 14 July 1946 Denhoff, ND. Frank & Sophie (Hess) Gallagher with their children, Alvin (Mehrer) Gallagher, Chris Gallagher, and Peggy Gallagher lived at Shelton, WA.

Image 140.

Mrs. Friedrich (Dorothea Stern) Mayer 1864 1932 Clayton, SD

Image 141.

Henry Mayer 1890 1977 Freeman, SD with wife & daughter. Henry son of Fred & Dorothea (Stern) Mayer.

Image 142.

Taken 17 May 1983 Beulah, ND Henry & Clara (Unrath) Kruckenberg shown with their 9 children with spouses. Front; L R James & Marlys (Kruckenberg) Schock, Henry, Clara, Arlys (Kruckenberg) & Russell Lehmann. Middle; Wanda (Cowan) Kruckenberg, Marjorie (Mason) Kruckenberg, Arlene (Kruckenberg) Knutson, Kenneth & Betty (Kruckenberg) Kroll, Claudia (Huber) Kruckenberg, Vi (Kruckenberg) Schielke. Back; Clinten, Kruckenberg, Clayten Kruckenberg, Carl Knutson, Milten & Linda (Starr) Kruckenberg, Dwight Kruckenberg, Ervin Schielke.

Image 143.

Taken about 1932 of Ludwig & Marie (Mehrer) Schielke in their cream station business at Tuttle, ND. They stayed in the cream station business at Tuttle from 1930-60.

Image 144.

Taken Aug. 1977 at Sibley Park, Bismarck, ND at Henry & Clara (Unrath) Kruckenberg's 40th wedding anniversary. Shown with their 9 children; middle, Arlene Knutson, Arlys Lehmann, Marlys Schock, Betty Kroll. Back; Clint, Vi Schielke, Clayten, Milten, Dwight.

Image 145.

Taken August 1977 same as Image 144 of Henry & Clara (Unrath) Kruckenberg married 31 October 1937 at Golgotha Lutheran Church, Golden Valley, ND.

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