Bilder und Blätter zum Silbernen Jubiläum der St. Joseph's Kolonie: 1905 -1930

Pictures and Pages on the Silver Jubilee of St. Joseph's Colony (Saskatchewan)

Compiled by the Oblate Priests in the colony

The book, St. Joseph's Colony: 1905 - 1930, a translation from German to English by Lambert and Tillie Schneider, is available at this website page:

Photographs from book:

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Image 1.

Mr. and Mrs. Gillen

Image 2.

St. Joseph's Colonoy, its location in Western Canada

Image 3.

Image 4.

Notre Dame Convent

Image 5.

Church and rectory

Image 6.

The present church

Image 7.

The basement of teh church

Image 8.

St. Joseph's Colony, Tramping Lake District

Image 9.

First sod church and first settlers

Image 10.

Second church built of logs

Image 11.

St. Elizabeth Hospital

Image 12.

The basement church

Image 13.

The first church

Image 14.

The third and present church

Image 15.

Where the first Mass in Kerrobert was celebrated

Image 16.

The tent

Image 17.

The home of Frank Zerr where Father Schweers said the first Mass at Revenue.

Image 18.

Ordination Mass of Father Feist

Image 19.

The first church

Image 20.

The present church

Image 21.

Thadeus Usselmann's farm, Revenue, Saskatchewan

Image 22.

Father Forner and Abbot Ott in Scott

Image 23.

Father Laufer, O.M.I.

Image 24.

The site where the first Mass was offered.

Image 25.

Threshing on a farm at Leipzig, Saskatchewan

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