Reis, Voller, and Wolf Photographs

Timber Lake, South Dakota

Photographs courtesy Viola Heinrcoh Voller, Timber Lake, South Dakota

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Photograph collection from Hilda Hager, daughter of Otillia Voller who died in 1967. Color prints with some image identification sent by Violet Voller, Timber Lake, South Dakota, February, 2006.

Images 1-21

Image 1.

studio – A P Holand, Grand Forks, ND

German writing on back – Ale Anton Reis – then a message in German and signed – John Feist

Image 2.

Michael & Denisia (Volk) Roehrich – half brother of Helena (Wolf-Reis) Mitzel. Michael is the son of Franz & Marianna (Hensler – Wolf) Roehrich. Identified by Margaret (Baumgartner) Senger, Rose (Mitzel) Reis & Joe Materi

Image 3.


Image 4.

studio – F S Strasser, Eureka, SD

Image 5.

studio – Fallman, Eureka, SD

Image 6.


Image 7.

studio – Chaffee, Herried, SD

Image 8.

Michael & Christina (Senger) Wolf, grandparents of Theresa Voller’s husband—Michael Wolf; identified by Michael & Theresa Wolf

Image 9.

Writing on bottom edge – John Rerich (Roehrich) – I believe this is another half-brother of Helena (Wolf-Reis) Mitzel and son of Franz & Marianna (Hensler-Wolf) Roehrich

Image 10.


Image 11.

John Till & his assistants, New Richmond, WI ?

Image 12.

German writing appears to mean children of Veronica & Andrew Mitzel – also another writing appears to have been added later –Joe Mitzel Marie. Mrs. Ray Kramer of Strasburg said she has this same picture and the baby on the chair is Rose Mitzel Reis. I gave her my address and asked her to look up this picture and send me the rest of the identities but so far I haven’t heard anything.

Image 13.

Cronyn & Hibbs Railway Photographers

I believe this may possibly be Mary (Volk) Voller [Mrs. Sebastian Voller]

Image 14.

The other side of this picture is a postcard addressed to Helen Reis, Strasburg, ND and Mutter Reis written on the other edge—Magdelena (Deibert) & 2nd husband John Schafer—Magdelena’s 1st husband was Michael Reis

Image 15.

studio – Artz, Aberdeen, SD

According to Lillian Selzler of Strasburg this is a Wolf family. The young woman in the middle back is a Mary or Marie Wolf who married John Klein Sr (a former postmaster at Strasburg). John Klein Sr had married and they had a son and John went to serve in WWI. When he returned, his wife had died and he remarried Mary or Marie Wolf. John Klein Jr was a drummer in Lawrence Welk’s band.

Image 16.

Children of Jacob & Mary Eva (Silbernagel) Mitzel—Annie seated on chair, standing-Evelyn, Barbara (Mrs. Tony Welder), Frank, Rose (Werlinger) & Mary (Mrs. Tony Klein). Identified by Mrs. Tony (Barbara) Welder who has the same picture.

Image 17.

studio – Chaffee Photo

Image 18.

studio – C T Lee, Harvey, ND

German writing—das gefort im Anton Reis—son Andreas—son aus Anton & frau & ____ Reis

Image 19.

studio – Miller, Harvey, ND

German writing—our Augustin

Image 20.

studio – Stemposs, Velva, ND

German writing—Magdalena & Michael—Veronica & Andreas Mitzel

Image 21.

back: (man unknown), Eva Baumgartner, daughter of Anton & Martha (Kraft) Baumgartner, groom-Andrew Wald; bride-Helen Baumgartner (daughter of ‘Stuckie’ John J Baumgartner & Elizabeth Schneider); Magdalena Baumgartner who later married John Schwab (daughter of Joseph & Katharina (Schneider) Baumgartner); [identified as John Schneider son of Albinus & Agatha (Voller) Schneider but I think he looks much like the man in photo #4 since this picture was taken at Eureka and information from the Eureka history book states that Andrew Wald’s father first settled at Eureka upon arrival from Russia and spent the first years of the 1900’s at Bowdle; flower girls: 1st girl (unknown); 2nd flower girl: Helen Baumgartner, daughter of Anton & Martha (Kraft) Baumgartner

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