Wenninger/Weninger Family Reunion

Hague, North Dakota
3-4 July 2010

Written by Lorraine (Brossart) Zeiler, Didsbury, Alberta

The Wenninger/Weninger Reunion was held at Hague, ND on July 3 and 4, 2010.

There were 62 in attendance of the Albert & Magdalena Wenninger family, that immigrated in 1893, to Hague. ND. Albert & Magdalena Wenninger had 6 children.
The Wenninger name is spelt by some with 3 "N"s and some with 2 "N"s. When & why the one "N" was dropped is a mystery.
The reunion committee, Floyd & Laurella Weninger, Richard & Thersa Wenninger and Steve & Virgie Weninger did an outstanding job of finding as many relatives as they could.

Richard & Theresa made it possible to meet in Hague, as they felt this would be like walking on same street as the Weningers did in 1893, as their homestead was approximately 3 miles east of Hague. Richard & Theresa bought the Hague Bar in 2006, remodelled and is named "Quencher". We met in the K of C hall on July 3 and Amvets hall on July 4 in Hague.
Represented at the reunion were the descendents of Stephan and Johannes Weninger.

The Stephan & Rose Weninger descendents came from Florida, New York, Arizona, North & South Dakota, Illinois, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Washington, in the USA.
The Johannes & Margaret Weninger descendents came from Allan, and Saskatoon, Sask, Didsbury and Lumbreck, Alberta and Port Moody, BC. in Canada.
Although the Weningers have relocated to all parts of USA and Canada, distance melted as we gathered in Hague.

The Weninger family tree book, researched by Lorraine Zeiler, was there for all to see where their roots were and how they were all connected.
There was visiting, pictures taken, good food served, music and lots of hugs, as we met cousins for the first time. There were many discussions of our ancestors and who we are.

We were all thrilled with the spectacular fireworks in Hague on July 4th.
We left with many memories of this wonderful Wenninger/Weninger weekend.

Wenninger/Weninger Family Tree.
Joseph Weninger family (Stephan).
Frank Weninger family (Stephan).
Weninger's and Zeiler's from Canada.
Steve Weninger with accordian.
Floyd and Laurella Weninger.
Quencher Bar.
Albert Weninger, Saskatoon and Tina Weninger Alexander.
Peter Weninger family (Stephan).
Frank Weninger family: Jane, Floyd, ?, Tina, James, and Steve.

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