Wiedmann Family - Ronald Wiedmann Photograph Collection

Venturia, North Dakota

Ron is in the process of compiling histories of the Wiedmann, Bender, and Krause families of Venturia, North Dakota.

The Wiedmann family has been traced to the Württemburg area of Germany. They emigrated to the south Russian village of Grossliebental, where Jakob Wiedmann was born. He married Elisabetha Wagner in 1862 and almost immediately moved to the daughter colony of Annental where their children were born. The family came to the United States in 1890, arriving in Eureka, SD, and eventually homesteaded 1/2 mile west of Venturia. They were Lutherans in Russia, but affiliated with the Venturia Baptist church.

Jakob Wiedmann built the Bazaar in 1901, the first building in Venturia. His sons, Jacob S. and John started the Wiedmann Brothers Hardware Store in Venturia in 1906. After Jacob S. died in 1914, his younger brother, Philip, moved in from his farm to take over the store. Philip's son, Otto - Ron's father - married Leah Krause.

The Martin Bender family originated in the ancestral village of Kassel in the Glueckstal district of south Russia. The family arrived at New York in December 1885 and homesteaded land 2 miles north and 6 miles west of Venturia in the Spring of 1886. The Benders were originally Lutherans in Russia, but were influenced by the independent reformed movement. In the US they were life-long members of the Venturia Baptist Church.

The Krause family originated in Schonlanke, Posen, Prussia, and emigrated to Bessarabia, south Russia. The Samuel Krause family came to the United States from Tarutino, Bessarabia in 1886 and lived near Eureka, SD where they were members of the Eureka Lutheran Church. Samuel Krause and Beata Hiller's son, Gottlieb Krause, homesteaded land southwest of Venturia. Gottlieb married Katharina Dobler, and their son, Jacob, married Frieda Bender, and lived in Zeeland for several years before moving to Lehr with their daughter, Leah.

Ron is retired and lives in Fargo with his wife, Glenna.

His e-mail address is: berean1711@cableone.net

His family web site is: http://myweb.cableone.net/berean1711/index.html

This collection of photographs was scanned from pictures he has received from many different sources.

Images 1-25


Image 1.

Ashley High School junior class of 1929-30.

Back: Harold Weber, Otto Wiedmann, Clair Johnson, Walter Weber, Willie Doerr, Emil Moench.
Middle: Florence Maercklein, Adolph Kempf, Archie Gieser, Albert Reummele, Jimmie Luce, Ella Eisenbeis, Lillian Hoecke (teacher).
Front: Susan Kelber, Lydia Schauer, Ruth Beveridge, Olga Spitzer, Viola Lippert, Tillie Bauer.

Image 2.

Ashley High School senior class of 1930-31.

Otto Wiedmann - middle, front row
Most others not identified.

Image 3.

Julius Wiedmann and Emil Sayler in 1930

Image 4.

In front of Schnabel hardware store (NE corner) in Venturia 1935.

L to R: Othelia Haas, Frieda (Wiedmann) Bower, Bill Dobler, Annetta (Wiedmann) Striebel, Florence (Weber) Kranzler, Atzie Wiedmann.
Front: Otto Wiedmann

Image 5.

Otto Wiedmann with sisters, Lea Collins, Annetta Striebel, and Lydia Nelson (front), in Chicago on his way to Italy March 1944

Image 6.

Atzie and Irene (Johnstone) Wiedmann with Marlene in Venturia 1934.

Image 7.

Dorothea (Diede) Wiedmann/Harr/Fueller (widow of Jacob S. Wiedmann), Viola (Spitzer) Wiedmann (husb. Emil), Florence (Wiedmann) Kretschmar (husb. Otto), Pauline (Wiedmann) Reichert (husb. John), Olive (Harr) Kwasigroch.
Front: Dottie (Wiedmann) Puhlman, Patty (Wiedmann) Endres in 1941.

Image 8.

Dorothea (Mueller) Wiedmann (husb. Philip) with grandson Ronald Wiedmann in Venturia 1944.

Image 9.

Elizabeth (Wiedmann) Huber and mother Elisabetha (Wagner) Wiedmann (husb. Jakob) in 1915.

Image 10.

Philip Wiedmann family in front of Venturia home in 1920.
L to R: Annetta (Striebel), Lydia (Nelson), Frieda (Bower), Otto, Julius, Martha (Bertsch), Philip, Lea (Collins), Dorothea.

Image 11.

Elisabetha (Wagner) Wiedmann funeral in March 1929.
Behind casket: Elizabeth (Huber), Philip, Annetta.
Behind lid: John Wiedmann, Otto, Atzie; others unknown.

Image 12.

Dorothea (Mueller) Wiedmann with brother Fred Mueller in Venturia 1937.

Image 13.

Jacob S. Wiedmann family in front of Venturia house in 1909.
Balcony: Pauline (m. John Reichert), August, Florence (m. Otto Kretschmar), Jacob, Martha (m. Arthur Wehr), Emil, Arthur.
Front: Dorothea and grandmother Elisabetha.

Image 14.

Elizabeth (Wiedmann) and Philip Huber with son August in Russia 1888.
Russian translation: M. Grabyage, Odessa

Image 15.

Philip and Elizabeth (Wiedmann) Huber family 1903.
Back: Maggie (husb unknown), Lydia (John Haar), August.
Front: Anita (husb unknown), Freda (husb unknown), Bart.

Image 16.

Huber and John Wiedmann children 1916.
Back: Dolly Wiedmann (m. Emil Sayler), Millie Huber (husb unknown).
Middle: Millie Wiedmann (m. Ephraim Schrenk), Adeline Wiedmann (m. Fred Strobel).
Front: Lydia (Huber) Harr's son, Johnny.

Image 17.

John Wiedmann family 1925.
Back: Adeline (m. Fred Strobel), Millie (m. Ephraim Schrenk), Dolly (m. Emil Sayler).
Front: John and Katherina (Haas) Wiedmann.

Image 18.

John and Katherina (Haas) Wiedmann with John's sister, Elizabeth Huber (r.) at John's house in Venturia in 1930.

Image 19.

The John Wiedmann family in 1935.
Back: Emil Sayler, Fred Strobel, Adeline (Wiedmann) Strobel, Ephraim Schrenk.
Front: Dolly (Wiedmann) Sayler, John, Katherina, Millie (Wiedmann) Schrenk.

Image 20.

John Wiedmann with Dolly on a motorcycle in 1911.

Image 21.

John and Katherina (Haas) Wiedmann wedding in Venturia in 1906.

Image 22.

Jacob S. and Dorothea (Diede) Wiedmann wedding in Venturia in 1893.

Image 23.

Lydia (Wiedmann) Nelson and Leah (Krause) Wiedmann in the cistern at the Philip Wiedmann house in Venturia in 1937.

Image 24.

Otto Wiedmann and his sister Lydia (Nelson) in Venturia in the late 1930's.

Image 25.

Martha (Bertsch) and Frieda (Bower) Wiedmann in the early 1930's.



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