Wildermuth Family Photographs

Photographs and caption text from Susan (Greff) Renschler, Kansas City, Missouri

Finding Aid to the Wildermuth Family Collection

Wilhelm Wildermuth is Herman Wildermuth’s father
Christianna Wildermuth is Herman Wildermuth’s mother
Wilhelm and Christianna Wildermuth:
Front:  Bertha, Katie, Wilhelm (sitting), Malvina, Christianna holding Herman
Back:  Wilhelm, Elizabeth (Betty), and John

Bertha Wildermuth (left) and Pauline (Maier) Renschler, mother of Lester Renschler

Malvina (left) and Elizabeth (Betty) Wildermuth
Elizabeth (Betty) and Bertha Wildermuth
Malvina (Wildermuth) Frank 1-21-1981

Katie (left) and Malvina Wildermuth

Matches from “The Beauty Nook” the beauty shop owned and operated by Bertha Wildermuth in Linton, ND.  Note the three digit number.
The Home of Wilhelm and Christianna Wildermuth –Was located south of the Emmons County Court House in Linton, ND was torn down in the 1980s all is left is part of the foundation.  This is the house that Uncle Herman Wildermuth   talks about in his “Life on the Farm” he was the first to be born in the new house.  The new house was built of homemade sun dried clay-and-straw blocks, with walls 18-20 inches thick.  Also, after Ruth and Les Renschler were married and Les went off to WWII, Ruth lived in the Wildermuth house with Grandma Christianna Wildermuth and Aunt Bertha Wildermuth.  They remained in the house for quite some time.  Ruth and Les lived in the Wildermuth home after Les came back from the war after he started his first restaurant “The Cave”, and birth of their twin girls.  Ruth would tell me how she would put the twins in the buggy and push them across the railroad track and down to the restaurant to see Les.  The house had three levels and Ruth and Les had one level and Bertha and Grandma the other two.  Bertha took care of her mother and father in their later stages of life.  I know Elizabeth (Betty) and Bertha went out to California in their early 20s.  Aunt Betty was a dress designer (Ruth had some of her design sketches at one time who knows where they went) and Bertha was a hair dresser/stylist.  They both ended up coming back to North Dakota from California to help take care of family.  Elizabeth died sometime in her early 20s after she came back to North Dakota from eating some spoiled cottage cheese.  Bertha never did marry, but she was always there to help take care of the new babies and children.  I was told that she was once engaged but broke off the engagement to go back to North Dakota to help her family.  Bertha ran her own beauty shop “The Beauty Nook” which was in Linton ND.  I have a packet of matches with her advertisement on them and I am sending you a copy.  I have very fond memories of Bertha, taking her out to lunch down at the restaurant, dropping her off and picking her up from her friends’ homes.  She liked different types of honey.  She also taught me how to make cheese buttons.  I once asked her what her and her friends did for excitement when they were teenagers.  She said “they tried smoking cigarettes but it just made their purses stink”.   She was always feeding birds and stray animals.  I just loved her.  She was quite the character.

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