German Table Prayer

Translation by Arthur E. Flegel, Menlo Park, California

Taken from the Golden State Chapter Newsletter, California, May- June, 1998, volume 27, number 3, American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, page 4

Vater, segne diese Speise, uns zur Kraft und dir zum Preise, Amen.

Father, bless this food to our nourishment and to your praise, Amen.

Kom, Herr Jesu, Sei unser Gast, und segne was du uns bescheret hast, Amen.

Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest, and let this food to us be blessed, Amen.

O Gott, von dem wir alles haben, wir preisen dich fuer diese Gaben; du sorgst fuer uns, weil du uns liebst, O segne auch, was du uns gibst, Amen.

O God, from whom we have received everything, we praise you for these blessings; you care for us, for you do love us, O bless also what you have given, Amen.

Herr, wir gehen zu den Essen, la suns Deiner nich vergessen; segne uns weil Du uns libst, Segne auch was Du uns gibst, Amen.

Lord, as we partake of this meal, let us not forget your presence; bless us because you love us, bless also what you have given, Amen.

Reprinted with permission of the Golden State Chapter Newsletter, AHSGR.

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