Song about Destiny

(Schicksalslied song with German to English translation)

1. Destiny will spare nobody.
Death pursues scepters and crowns.
Temporary bliss is vain, vain.
Everything, everything returns.

2. The body taken from the earth
Returns from where it came.
Riches, beauty, wit, brilliant power -
Eternal night covers everything.

3. Death will also come for you;
You will decay in your grave, too.
Today it was my turn;
Tomorrow it may be you.

4. Now earth will cover me
Until trumpets will awaken me.
I am awaiting the Last Judgement;
I am hoping for the eternal light.

5. Why do you weep, friends and brother?
We will soon see each other
On the day of the last judgement.
Fear only God and fear nothing else!

6. Tears are signs of love,
But they are only earthly urges.
I ask only one thing, only one:
Pray daily, pray for me!

7. Lord, give eternal peace to the souls
Who have departed from us;
Lord, guide us according to your command
and some day, be merciful to us in death.

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