“Jubilaeumslied”/ “Wedding Anniversary Hymn”.

The title cover for Die kleine Palm, hymnal identifies itself as “Latest collection of songs for Sunday schools and youth clubs, as well as for Sunday evening and other worship services,” which was published in 1894.

This wedding poem-song (called “Jubilaeumslied” or “Anniversary Hymn”) was a typed- text, circa 1945-1965, which was inserted into a Die kleine Palme hymnal, owned by Chris Maier of Ashley, North Dakota. (Donation of Leona Neu to the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection - music archives)
[GRHC_Music_Ashley_ND_#36: Neu/hymnal.]


1) Nun____Jahre sind euch dem
wie ein Traum ihr denkt
zurueck an Stunden
die jetzt schon Laengst
und euer Herz kanns
fassen kaum.
2) Hat nicht des ewigen Treue
euch taeglich stets
aufs Neue
in jeder Lag geschuetzt
hat nicht sein Arm
euch alle
vor grossen Ungluecksfaellen
und aller bittern Not
3) Sein heilger Wille
und sein Gnade waltet
so weit die Wolken gehn
auch wenn die Haar erblassen
wird er euch nicht verlassen
der Herr wird gnaedig
alls versehn.
4) Drum lobt ihn und seit
als Gottes Kinder selig
preisst ihr von Herzen heut
nicht vielen ist vergonnen
die Freude die man nennet
die schoene ____Hochzeit.




















Wedding/Anniversary Hymn

1) (fill-in-number)years have passed for the anniversary couple.
as in a dream, you think back to the hours
that are long gone
and which your heart can hardly grasp.
2) Did you eternally sworn loyalty protect you daily
at every time and in every situation,
did not His arm protect you
from serious tragedy
and from all bitter affliction?
3) His holy will governs
and His grace reigns
as far as the clouds may travel,
even when your hair turns gray
He will not abandon you.
The Lord will watch over all with His mercy.
4) Therefore we shall praise Him and be glad
and, as God’s children,
all blessed, praise Him from the heart.
Many denied the joy
That one calls
The (substitute appropriate number “nth) wedding anniversary.

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