Grandfather Carl Wieland's Wolf Coat

"Frederick Wieland, who was born in Friedenstal, Bessarabia, immigrated in 1909 with his parents at age eight to a farm near Streeter, North Dakota. Frederick's father Carl purchased a wolf coat from Adam Enzminger, his second cousin and owner of a general store in Streeter.

The coat was purchased for $10 in 1910. Adam Enzminger also signed the immigration papers for Carl and Rosina Kalmbach Wieland's admittance in the United States in 1909. My father Frederick (Fred) Wieland received the coat from his father, Carl, in the 1930s. Fred Wieland always wore this coat when pushing snow in very cold winter weather. I still remember my father wearing the coat in the 1970s and 1980s.

On September 2, 1999, on behalf of the Wieland family, I presented Carl Wieland's Wolf Coat as a gift to the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo. The coat will be housed at the Emily P. Reynolds History Costume Collection at College of Human Development and Education on the NDSU campus."

--- Vernon Wieland, Hankinson, North Dakota

Family Photographs courtesy of Vernon Wieland, Hankinson, North Dakota

Carl Wieland, rural Streeter, ND, born in Friedenstal, Bessarabia, grandfather of Vernon Wieland, circa 1920s.
Carl Wieland and Rosina Kalmbach Wieland, rural Streeter, ND, circa early 1930s.
Frederich Wieland and Magdalena Stroh Wieland's 50th Wedding Anniversary photograph at King's Studio, Jamestown, ND, 1977.
Frederich Wieland, son of Carl Wieland and father of Vernon Wieland, photograph for St. Luke's Lutheran Church Directory, Streeter, ND, circa 1987.
Ann Braaten, Curator of the Emily P. Historic Costume Collection, College of Human Development and Education, North Dakota State University, and Vernon Wieland, Hankinson, ND, with the gift of his grandfather's wolf coat, September, 1999.
Ann Braaten and Vernon Wieland review the wolf coat.
Michael M. Miller, NDSU Libraries, Fargo, and Vernon Wieland standing by the wolf coat.

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