Childhood Memories of Father Augustine Fox

By Geraldine Marie Kraft Mara, October 2012

Yes, I do have a few memories about the priest who baptized me & who presided at my First Holy Communion. I do remember all the paintings which were along the walls in the long hallway from the side door to  where his office was in the front of the house. They seemed huge....all were Holy pictures. I visited him in the Rectory office a few times on my way back from seeing my grandparents. He usually was smoking a pipe.

Also, I know he had an in-ground fish pond with goldfish; the whole yard was fenced in. I think there were plum or crab apples trees & maybe a vegetable garden in the back.

One story I have been told by my two older sisters, who were teenagers at the time I was born. At my Baptism, they told Fr. my name was to be Geraldine.......he said there was no Saint with that name......they said it is the feminine form of Gerald, who is a Saint. I still don't anything about a St. Gerald.

My Dad was there & he suggested naming me Marie,  as my middle make sure????

So Fr. did baptize me.  I did ask Isabelle & Anne when I grew older where they got that idea.....said it was a movie star......either  Page, Fitzgerald.....whoever.

For many years there were Plays  held in the church basement; a stage, lots of costumes in storage, which my siblings & I found one time when we were snooping around. Ask brother George.

I do remember being "on stage" for a Xmas the Nativity scene I was an angel, guarding the crib in a purple dress that looked like a nightgown. I believe Fr. Fox gave everyone who was in it a gift later. Mine was a small wooden toy horse on wheels.... which I can never forget..... when  brother Bill was about 6 mos. old I was showing it to him as he sat propped up on the couch.  It slipped out of my hands & when I bent over to get it, Bill toppled forward, cut the bridge of his nose on the metal holding the wheel on. It bled alot & Dr. Reynolds (Spl ?) came to the house to check him out. He was okay.......but I had to take him for a walk in the baby carriage for a week.

The most interesting story I  remember was told  by one of the "church ladies"  which is  credited to Fr. Fox.

Quote: The ideal woman has a child by the hand, one at her breast & one under her apron!

You can see why that I do remember that!

So these are a few memories. I am looking forward to see what others have contributed.

With the help of family &  the computer I  keep smiling recalling memories of, as the book by Debbie Marquart wrote, “Horizontal World: Growing Up in the Middle of Nowhere".

Maches Gute!

Geraldine Marie Kraft Mara

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