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Historic Photographs from Fredonia, North Dakota.

Schultz, Loretta. “Historic Photographs from Fredonia, North Dakota.”

John Schuldheisz General Merchandise Store.
Congregational Church dedication in 1931.
Circa 1906 or 1907 at Fredonia, North Dakota, Logan County.  This was John L. Shuldheisz General Merchandise Store.
Early Fredonia Post Office – Daniel Flaig was the first postmaster when the post office opened in 1905.
Bank, Coop Store, Barber Shop, Bar, Johnson & Holman building and Service station (Photo from GRHC) in 1976.
Stockyards, Buechler/Pruetz Elevator, Farmers Elevator, Woodworth Elevator and Henry Ost elevator.
Bar when operated by Jake Groszhans from 1937-1938 served lunches and ice cream downstairs and dances were held upstairs.
Mr. and Mrs. Scholemen, Carl Bauer in white shirt and Mrs. H Jonas Sr. Hotel sits on Main Street of Fredonia. Approximately 1907-1908
(Postcard Front) Photo by J.J. Hochhalter – Streeter, ND (Postcard Back) From Left to Right: Simon Pokert, Fred Schmepp, Gott. Haas, Fred Marx, John Jacoby, Gott. Sukut, Sr., Travelling Man, Mr. Clark. Front Row: W. Hellwig, Fred Gackle, John Meidinger [Top corner says A. Holman]
Picture of snow removal in Fredonia during the winter of 1996.
Fredonia Coop Mercantile burning in the background in January of 1947.  Corner shows Jake Friederick Service Station.
In the corner of the picture you can see the Fredonia Baptist Church.  The year is not known. 
Fredonia Co-op Mercantile Co. Inc. burning on corner where Home Plate Café is now located.  The Mercantile burned down January of 1947. 
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