Schmeckt Gut: German-Russian Foodways Exhibit

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Alma's Favorite Recipes: Cooking & Memories from a German-Russian Farm Kitchen. By Alma (Janke) Schott. Edited and compiled by Acacia (Jonas) Stuckle and Leah (Johnson) Aakre, Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, 2012, 258 pages, $25.00 Softcover.

Aus Küche und Keller: Specialities from German-Russian Cuisine. German version edited by J. Schnurr, Translated by Alex Herzog, Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, 2008, 54 pages, $7.00 Softcover.

Bessarabian Food Specialties: From the Settlement Period of the German Colonies in the Black Sea Region, 1814-1940. By Gertrud Knopp-Rüb, Landsmannschaft der Bessarabiendeutschen, Stuttgart, Germany, 1999, 82 pages, $38.00 Softcover. (German & English Editions Available)
The Best From Our Nest. By Tammy Sletten, Connie Bailey, Terri Tyree, Sandy Gerving and Margaret Swift, Glen Ullin, North Dakota, 2007, 290 pages, $15.00 Softcover.
Bloomin' Good Recipes. Published by the Prairie Rose Lions Club, Bismarck, North Dakota, 2013, 296 pages, $25.00, Softcover.
A Book of Favorite Recipes. St. Mary's Society, Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church, Strasburg, North Dakota, 1999, 134 pages, $16.00 Softcover. (reprint)
Connecting Generations: Fond Recollections of German-Russian Heritage, Traditional Family Recipes and Reminiscent Stories from Five Generations of Cooking with Mom. By Donna Erbele Iszler and Mya Iszler Mayer, Self-published, Bismarck, North Dakota, 2005, 100 pages, $16.00 Softcover.
Cookbook for Germans from Russia. By Nelly Däs, Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, 2003, 170 pages, $20.00 Softcover.
Cooking with the Werre's. Compiled by Lorraine Max and Gloria (Werre) Kemmet, 2004, 324 pages, $25.00, Softcover.

Eszlinger - Esslinger - Eslinger, 1844 - 2011: A treasure of Family Recipes. Cookbook Committee, Aberdeen, South Dakota, 491 pages, $26.00 Softcover.

Ewiger Saatz - Everlasting Yeast: The Food Culture of the Germans from Russia in Emmons County, Logan County and McIntosh County, North Dakota. Tri-County Tourism Alliance, Napoleon, North Dakota, 2013, 120 pages. $75.00 Hardcover.

Family Heritage Recipe Book. By Janice Daily Prunier, Germans from Russia Oregon and Washington Chapter, Germans from Russia Heritage Society, Portland, Oregon, 2010, 105 pages, $18.00 Softcover.

Family Recipes from German Tradition. Compiled by LeRoy Boesflug, Self-published, Dickinson, North Dakota, 2007, 73 pages, $20.00 Softcover.

Favorite Recipes. Southern Nevada Chapter, American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2006, 68 pages, $14.00 Softcover.
Favorite Recipes: Grace Lutheran Church. Compiled by the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League of the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lehr, North Dakota, 1961, 62 pages, $10.00 Softcover. (reprint)
Favorite Recipes: Lehr Thimble Bee. Prepared by the Lehr Thimble Bee, Lehr, North Dakota, 1973, 252 pages, $25.00 Softcover. (reprint)

Food and History. Germans from Russia Heritage Society, Bismarck, North Dakota, 2012, 247 pages, $38.00 Softcover

Food 'N Customs: Recipes of the Black Sea Germans. The Germans from Russia Heritage Society, Bismarck, North Dakota, 1996, 143 pages, $20.00 Softcover.

Food 'n Folklore. Compiled by Beata Mertz, Germans from Russia Heritage Society, Bismarck, North Dakota, 1976, 98 pages, $15.00 Softcover.

From Oma's Kitchen: From  Russia to Canada with Love, Courage and Gratitude. By Selma Willms Turner, Judson lake House Publishers, Abbotsford, British Columbia, 2006, 229 pages, $50.00 Hardcover.

German Food & Folkways: Heirloom Memories from Europe, South Russia & the Great Plains. By R.M.H. Gueldner, Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, 2002, 224 pages, $25.00 Softcover.

German-Russian Pioneer Cook Book. Buzzin' Duzzin' Extension Club, Northwest Blade, Inc., Eureka, South Dakota, 1975, revised 1976 and 1983, second revision 1985, third revision 1990, 106 pages, $15.00 Softcover.

Grace Baptist Church Jubilee Cookbook. Grace Baptist Church, Gackle, North Dakota, 1979, 161 pages, $25.00 Softcover. (reprint)

Grace Lutheran Church Cookbook. Grace Lutheran Church ACT, Lehr, North Dakota, 1983, 246 pages, $25.00 Softcover. (reprint)
Gutes Essen. By Sue (Kaseman) Balcom, Published by the Tri-County Tourism Alliance, Napoleon, North Dakota, 2017, 104 pages, $20.00, Softcover. (reprint)

Hebron Historical & Art Society Cookbook: A Celcebration of our Heritage 1885 - 2010. Hebron Historical & Art Society, Hebron, North Dakota, 2009, 126 pages, $25.00 Softcover.

Heritage Cookbook: 100 Years of Home Cooking: Catholic Diocese of Bismarck, 1910 – 2010. Diocese of Bismarck, Bismarck, North Dakota, 2010, Volume 1 (355 pages), Volume 2 (423 pages), $35 Softcover.

Holy Cross & Friends Cookbook: Timber Lake, SD Centennial, 2010. Holy Cross Catholic Church, Timber Lake, South Dakota, 2009, 345 pages, $38.00 Hardcover.

The Hutterite Community Cookbook. By Samuel Hofer, Hofer Publications, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1992, 176 pages, $40.00 Softcover.

The Hutterite Community Cookbook. By Joanita Kant, Good Books, Intercourse, Pennsylvania, 1984, 224 pages, $40.00 Softcover.
Kochbuch der Deutschen aus Rußland. By Nelly Däs, Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Rußland, Stuttgart, Germany, 1996,160 pages, $23.00 Softcover. (German text only)

Kochbuch: Der Deutschen aus Russland: A Book of Favorite Recipes. Heart of America Chapter, Germans from Russia Heritage Society, Rugby, North Dakota, 1999, 89 pages, $13.00 Softcover.

Küche Kochen. American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1997, 189 pages, $18.00 Softcover.
Kulm Centennial Cookbook. Kulm, North Dakota, 1999, 340 pages, $30.00 Softcover. (reprint)
Kulm, North Dakota 125 Years Cookbook - 1892-2017. Kulm, North Dakota, 2015, 132 pages, $21.00 Softcover.

Leola, South Dakota: A Taste of 125 years, 1884 - 2009. Leola Quasqicentennial Committee, Leola, South Dakota, 2009, 138 pages, $18.00 Hardcover.

The Little Flower Church, Rugby, North Dakota: 1910-2010 Centennial Celebration Cookbook. Rugby, North Dakota, 2010, 171 pages, $20.00 Softcover.
Mennonite Girls Can Cook. Herald Press, Waterloo, Ontario and Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2011, 208 pages, $30.00, Hardcover.

Mennonite Heritage Village Cook Book: A Delightful and Useful Souvenir of Tested Recipes and Kitchen Remedies. Edited and Compiled by Sue Barkman, Derksen Printers, Steinbach, Manitoba, 1981, 184 pages. $15.00 Softcover.

The Mennonite Treasury Recipes. Canadian Mennonite Conference. Derksen Printers Ltd., Steinbach, Manitoba, 1982, 252 pages. $25.00 Softcover.

Mound City Quas Qui Centennial Cookbook: June 12 & 13, 2009. Mound City Quasquicetnennial Committee, Mound City, South Dakota, 2009, 303 pages, $25.00 Softcover.

Northern Plains Ethnic Cookbook. The Northern Plains Heritage Foundation, Dickinson, North Dakota, 1998, 204 pages, $25.00 Softcover.

Our Favourite Recipes: 75th Anniversary Cookbook. Elim Mennonite Church, Grunthal, Manitoba, 2001, 182 pages, $25.00 Softcover.

Pots of Gold from Hutterian Kitchens. Forest River Hutterian Brethren, 109 pages, $16.00 Softcover.

Schmeck's Gut! By The Sisters of the Century, North Dakota, 1988, 261 pages, $25.00 Softcover. (reprint)

Sei Unser Gast: Be Our Guest. North Star Chapter, American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota, 1996, 221 pages, $15.00 Softcover.

Sharing Our Best Recipes: Medina and Tappen, North Dakota. Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, in cooperation with United Methodist Churches, Medina and Tappen, North Dakota, 2003, 239 pages, $13.00 Softcover.

Some Wonderful Old Time Recipes from Our Mothers and Grandmothers. Compiled by Thelma Bartel Wiest, Portland, Oregon, 1991, 39 pages, $11.00 Softcover.

Strasburg Care Center: Celebrating 50 Years of Caring, 1962 - 2012. Strasburg Care Center, Strasburg, North Dakota, 2011, 340 pages, $15.00 Hardcover.


Strasburg Centennial Cookbook. Strasburg Centennial Committee, Strasburg, North Dakota, 2001, 260 pages, $25.00 Softcover.

Strasburg, North Dakota: Business & Leisure Homemakers Cookbook: German Recipes: Featuring Lawrence Welk's Favorite Recipes. Business & Leisure Homemakers Club, Strasburg, North Dakota, 124 pages, $22.00 Softcover.

St. Clement's Church, Haymarsh, N.D.: 1887-1987: Centennial Cookbook. Prepared by Christian Mothers, St. Clement's Church, Haymarsh, North Dakota, 1987, 212 pages, $20.00 Softcover.

St. Luke Lutheran Church, Wishek, ND Cookbook. St. Luke Lutheran Church Cookbook Committee, Wishek, North Dakota, 1994, 340 pages, $25.00 Softcover.
St. Matthews Lutheran Church 75th Anniversary Cookbook. Prepared by the St. Matthews Lutheran Church, Napoleon, North Dakota, 1982, 234 pages, $25.00 Softcover. (reprint)
A Taste of Traditions: From the Hands of Generations. Prepared by the Dodge Centennial Commitee, Dodge, North Dakota, 2011, 278 pages, $25.00 Softcover.

A Time of Wonder, A Season of Joy. By Selma Willms Turner, Illustrations by Neil Klassen, Judson lake House Publishers, Abbotsford, British Columbia, 2006, 223 pages, $50.00 Hardcover.

Treasured Family Favorites. Compliled by Virginia (Hieb) Wanzek, Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, 1985, 203 pages, $25.00 Softcover. (reprint)

Value Meals on the Volga: Sharing our Heritage with New Generations. By Anna Dalhaimer Bartkowski, 2006, 112 pages, $20.00 Softcover.

What's Cookin'? in Lefor, North Dakota. Christian Mothers Society, St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, Lefor, North Dakota, 2000, 234 pages, $35.00 Softcover.

Wishek Community Hospital and Clinics Cookbook. Wishek Community Hospital, Wishek, North Dakota, 2008, 232 pages, $20.00 Hardcover.

Yesterday and Today: Friendly Circle Cookbook: 1917-1997. Beulah Congregational Church Friendly Circle, Beulah, North Dakota, 1991, 387 pages, $30.00 Softcover. (reprint)

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