English Lutheran Church Cookbook: Hazen, North Dakota Centennial

English Lutheran Church, Hazen, North Dakota, 2013, 210 pages, hardcover.

The excellent 5th edition cookbook includes a Ethnic Foods Section including these German recipes: Aunt Berbeda Pfiger’s Kuchen, Baked Kneophla, Borscht, Butter Kanuks or Chess Pie, Cheese Blintzes, Cheese Buttons, Egg Noodles, Fleischkuchle, German Pancakes, German Strudel, Ham and Cheese Bruschke, Kattofel Wergala, Knefla Soup, Knoephfla Hot Dish, Kruat Bruschke, Lazy Day Cheese Buttons, Lebkuchen, Pfeffernausse, Rich Roll Dough for Kuchen or Rolls, Roll and Kuchen Dough, Sweet Roll or Kuchen Dough, Schlitz Kuklea, Schnecken, Stirum, Strudla, Strudel, Fattigman Bakkeise, Flatbread, Fruit Soup, Krum Kake and Sachertorte Cookies.

English Lutheran Church Cookbook

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