Emmanuel Lutheran Kitchens

Prepared by the Emmanuel Lutheran Church Women, Gackle, North Dakota, 1975, 180 pages, Softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection has reprinted another impressive cookbook, Emmanuel Lutheran Kitchens, originally compiled by the Emmanuel Lutheran Church Women of Gackle, North Dakota in 1975.

The cookbook contains 180 pages of tried and true recipes divided into the following categories: Breads, Buns, Sweet Rolls, Pancakes and Doughnuts; Cakes and Frostings; Cookies and Bars; Pastries, Pies, and Ice Cream; Desserts; Salads and Dressings; Casseroles and Main Dishes; Foreign Foods; Candy, Snacks, and Beverages; and Soups, Preserves, and Miscellaneous.

This cookbook contains several German-Russian recipes such as: Ammonia Cookies, Blachinda, Cheese Kuechla, Cheese Strudel,Coffee Kuchen, Filling for Kuchen, Fliesh Knephla, Fleisch Kuckle, German Cheese Kuchla, German Strudels, Hot Potato Salad (several recipes), Kas Knephla, Knephla, Knoepfla Soup, Kraut Strudla, Kraut Strudels (several recipes), Kraut Verinega, Kuchen, Kuchen Dessert, Kuchen Dough, Kuchen and Filling, Kuchla, Peppernut Cookies (several recipes), Pumpkin Blachinda, Quick Kuchen, Reeval Soup, Sauerkraut and Rice Hot Dish, Schlitz Kuechle, Slitz Keeckla, Smear Cheese from Cottage Cheese, Sourkraut Boroche, Sour Kraut and Knoepfla, Stirrum, Strudla, Strudels (several recipes), and Watermelon Pickles.

German-Russian surnames contributing to this cookbook include Babitzke, Buerkle, Bender, Dahl, Dockter, Ebele, Elhard, Entzminger, Fischer, Geiszler, Gumke, Henke, Herman, Iszler, Janke, Kaseman, Konrad, Mayer, Mertz, Miller, Morlock, Muller, Munsch, Presler, Remmich, Rivinius, Schaffer, Schlenker, Schmidt, Schroeder, Schweitzer, Sukut, Wentz, and Zenker.

Emmanuel Lutheran Kitchens

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