Family Recipes from German Tradition

Compiled by LeRoy Boesflug, self-published, Dickinson, North Dakota, 2007, 73 pages, Softcover.

The cookbook, Family Recipes from German Traditions, shares LeRoy Boesflug's sister, Rose Marie, searching her many German recipes preparing them for "easy to understand" language for others to help in preserving the tradition of ethnic cooking. The Boesflug family grew up in Dickinson and Beulah, North Dakota.

This unique family cookbook features primarily Germans from Russia recipes including these sections: 1)  "Dough Noodles and Noodle Fillings" including Schupp Noodla, Grumbira un Noodla, Rame Noodles, Griesz Noodla, Schmarra, Kase Knoephla; 2) "Soups, Main Dishes and Meat Specialties" including Knoephla Soup, Borscht Soup, Milich Soup, Bean Soup, Potato Soup, Stewed Potatoes, Griesz Knadel, Potato Patties, Cream Style Chicken, Fleischkuechla, Halupsie, Creamed Eggs, Noodles and Raisins, Grumbira Salad; 3) "Pies" - Pie Crust Dough, Banana Cream Pie, Mashed Potato Pie, Sour Cream Raisin Pie and others; 4) "Pickles" - Sweet Pickles, Best Dill Pickles, Refrigerator Dills, Pickled Beets, Pickled Watermelon, Pickled String Beans; 5) "Other Favorite Recipes" - Chicken and Dumplings, Ring Neck Chicken, Poultry Stuffing, Barbecue Sauce, Beef Stew, Meat Loaf, Homemade Horseradish, Beer Batter, Homemade Mustard Dip, From Scratch Potato Pancakes.

The "Sausage and Other Meat Preparations" section includes different sausage and meat curing recipes those LeRoy Boesflug collected and experimented with. These recipes include - Country-Style Pork Sausage, Summer Sausage, Liver Sausage, German Meat Loaf, Jerky, Roast Turkey, Oven Style Summer Sausage, Bologna, Knockwurst, Cure for Ham or Bacon, Corned Beef.

The cookbook concludes with wine-making recipes from the "old-timers" who loved and took pride in making wine for family and friends. Wine-making recipes include - Rhubarb, Chokecherry, Beet, Dandelion, Grape Balloon, and Fruit.

Family Recipes from German Tradition

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