Family Heritage Recipe Book

By Janice Daily Prunier

Germans from Russia Oregon and Washington Chapter, Germans from Russia Heritage Society, Portland, Oregon, 2010, 105 pages, softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this impressive cookbook, Family Heritage Recipe Book.

The cookbook includes photographs of the person who provided the recipe and sharing memories. Johann Pfau shares these thoughts with her Refrigerator Pickles recipe: “Growing up, the garden was always a central point of our summers. We canned as much as we could, especially pickles. My favorite was any jar that didn’t seal and we could eat them right away, when they were just barely pickled. After our chores were done, my best friend, Twila Dombrowsky, and I would take a sale shaker, go to the garden and pick whatever was ready. We would put the tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, pear or radishes into a bag and head out for our adventure for one day.”

Norma (Miller) Rice shares her recipe, Agatha’s Pan Fried Noodles, and these memories: “My mother-in-law, Agatha Warner Ochs, was an excellent cook and these pan fried noodles were a big hit for me. She had six children and it was always so fun to go to their home. They also made homemade sausage. All the kids would come home and participate in this process. My favorite was their liver sausage. Another thing she always made was bean soup and a type of fry bread.”

Harold Lang provides the recipe, Oh-Boy Cake, sharing his memories: “I grew up on the campus of Sheyenne River Academy (a boarding high school) near Harvey, ND where my dad was a teacher. The school operated a farm where students worked. For me it was like growing up on a farm without all the chores. I did have one chore and that was to go to the barn every day and bring home a gallon of separated milk and a print of cream. I don’t know how the three of us consumed that much milk and cream; and not get fat. We did not have a refrigerator until 1941 so we could not store the milk and cream. My mother made some cottage cheese and butter. She also made a lot of desserts with whipped cream. Our favorite for special occasions, particularly birthdays, was Oh-Boy Cake.”

Some of the recipes include: Agatha’s pan fried noodles, apple dumplings, Buntkuchen, cheese buttons, Easter bread, Em’s blue ribbon dills, frozen bread dough Strudle, German pancake, German potato salad, German rhubarb cake, German sugar cookies, Goldberg’s sweet and south Borscht, Grandma Ella’s filled cookies, Grandma Matson’s dilled potato salad, Halupsie, hot potato salad, Ida’s Kuchen, Jan’s slow cooker Borscht, Knephle soup, Knockwrust and hot German potato salad, Kraut Kuchen, Noodle Kugel, Oh-Boy cake, pear Kuchen, Peggy’s Pfeffernuss, pickled beets, Blachinda, refrigerator pickles, Ukrainian Borscht, and many others.

German family names in the cookbook include: Baird, Brandenburg, Dammel, Dexheimer, Haas, Haberman, Herinck, Hix, Janzen, Jesser, Klaus, Lang, Martin, Matson, Miller, Pfau, Radtke, Schmaltz, Schiermeister, Schmidt, Schock, Voeller, Wallender, Weber, Wetzel, Wiest, and Wolff.

Family Heritage Recipe Book

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