Cooking & Canning

Prepared by the Martin Luther Lutheran WELCA Church: 1901 - 2001, Fredonia, North Dakota, 2000, 230 pages, Softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide the cookbook Cooking & Canning prepared by the women at the Martin Luther Lutheran Church at Fredonia, ND, where there is a large population of ethnic Germans from Russia.

Of special interest is the section, "Foreign Foods" on pages 115 to 178. These include many German-Russian recipes such as: Rudolf Blachinda, Krautbrot, Ribbla Soup, Kase Knoepfla, Kase Kuechle, Fleisch Kuechla, Halupsy, Spack Knoeppe, Potato Blachinda, Russian Borscht, Strudels, creamed dumplings, Schnadle, Schnitz Kuechle, Kuchen (many kinds), watermelon pickles, and many other recipes.

There is an interesting section, "Miscellaneous and Hints" including: homemade soft soap, homemade furniture polish and old time remedies.

Family names contributing to the cookbook include: Brost, Entzi, Fiechtner, Geiszler, Haag, Hehr, Janke, Jonas, Krenzel, Krueger, Lautt, Nitschke, Oelke, Ruff, Schlect, Schlenz, Schultz, Weispfenning, Vogel, Wittmayer and Wolf.

Cooking & Canning

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