Mennonite Girls Can Cook

By Lovella Schellenberg, Anneliese Friesen, Judy Wiebe, Betty Reimer, Bev Klassen, Charlotte Penner, Ellen Bayles, Julie Klassen, Kathy McLellan and Marg Bartel

Herald Press, Waterloo, Ontario and Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2011, 208 pages, Hardcover.

Lovina Eicher writes in the Foreword: “In Mennonite Girls Can Cook, I see similarities to my own favorite family recipes. The refrigerator potato rolls, except for the eggs, are very much like the sourdough bread that I make. The noodles in this book, too, are like my own. Then there are the recipes that I had never heard of but am now eager to try, like Obst Moos. Some of the more unusual recipes in this collection reflect the authors’ Russian Mennonite roots, whereas my recipes show my own Swiss-German Amish heritage. My mother would always ask friends or family who dropped in around mealtime to stay and eat with us. The authors of this cookbook share many similar stories of friends and family dropping in around mealtime and being invited to stay and share in the bounty.”

Comments about the book:

“Whether you are of Mennonite background or not, you will don your apron and head into the kitchen to make these simple, delectable country recipes spiced with memories and inspirational thoughts.” – Rose Murray, author of ten cookbooks, including A Taste of Canada and Hungry for Comfort

“At a time when there is a renewed interest in cooking and wonderful fresh food, Mennonite Girls Can Cook offers excellent, time-proven recipes. But is also celebrates our Mennonite heritage of faith, food, family, friends, and fellowship.” – Helen Rose Pauls, Mennonite Historical Society of British Columbia and Mennonite Brethren Herald

“This new book is sure to inspire many others to explore the wonderful world of Paska, Vereniki, Broscht, and Portzelky. With the publication of this book, the secret is out – Mennonite girls really can cook!” – Ed Fast, Member of Parliament, Abbotsford, British Columbia

“What a mouth-watering journey through my childhood, paging through this splendid collection of Mennonite recipes and photographs! I’ve eaten from a lot of other menus since then, but this food still schmecks (tastes) like no other food schmecks!’ – Andrea Schroeder, author of Renovating Heaven and The Mennonites: A Pictorial History of Their Lives in Canada

Mennonite Girls Can Cook takes the mystery out of “enough flour to make a soft dough” from Oma’s time-honored recipes. The authors’ passionate love of beautifully presented, wholesome food leaps off every page and is sure to inspire the next generation.” – Charlotte Lepp, Lepp Farm Market

“This cookbook is the culmination of a great virtual potluck that began when ten women started blogging their favorite recipes. These old favorites are now gathered along with new recipes in an easy-to-use book.” – Marshall King, columnist for The Elkhart Truth

Cabbage Borscht
Chicken Noodle Soup
Apple Rolls
Potato Salad

Mennonite Girls Can Cook

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