Grandma's Recipes

Published by St. Mary’s Church, Hague, North Dakota, 2008, 193 pages, Softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to offer Grandma’s Recipe.  This cookbook was originally published in 1950, but has been reprinted in honor of Hague’s 125th Anniversary.  This unique cookbook displays recipes in their original handwritten format.

Surnames listed in this cookbook include Bauer, Berg, Buechler, Carrakes, Eberle, Fischer, Giedt, Glatt, Goldade, Green, Grosz, Haegle, Harembasic, Heier, Heilman, Heimbuck, Heintz, Holzer, Hulm, Keller, Klein, Schmaltz, Knoll, Kocher, Krumm, Kuster, Kuntz, Lipp, Marquardt, Maystadt, Miller, Mosser, Murray, Nibler, Sodality, Pfeifer, Reise, Sahli, Selz, Schall, Schlosser, Schmaltz, Senger, Tarrey, Thiele, Vetter, Volk, Weisbeck, Welk, Wenninger, Wickenheiser, Wolf and Zahn.

This cookbook also contains a section of handwritten “hints.”  For example, “To clean the inside of your tea kettle fill it with rhubarb or rhubarb leaves and boil for half an hour.  It can then be scraped clean with a spoon.”


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