Food 'N Customs: Recipes of the Black Sea Germans

The Germans from Russia Heritage Society, Bismarck, North Dakota, 1996, 143 pages, Softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to present Food 'N Customs: Recipes of the Germans from RussiaIn 1996, the Germans from Russia Heritage Society completed its fifth printing of the book which shares in the popularity of books on customs, folkways and recipes.

As stated in the preface: "The recipes presented here are dishes passed from mother to daughter for generations. Some have been in the family for over 200 years! Details of how the recipes were prepared is provided in hopes that future generations will attempt some of these family tested recipes. Grandmothers from the old country were brought up in humble beginnings and lived close to the earth. Many had no formal education so recipes were handed down verbally. They felt the recipes were in their hands. They knew by the fell of the dough whether the recipe was right or not. They used no standard measurements."

The book includes sections on folk remedies, folklore, table prayers and customs including New Year's Day, Namesdays, Easter, baking bread in outdoor ovens, Christmas, weddings root cellar, stone crock, making butter, death and burial.

Food traditions include soups, vegetables and salads, meats, fish, bread, sweet breads, doughs, desserts, beverages and canning.

Food 'N Customs: Recipes of the Black Sea Germans

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